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Solder for Zinc
A number of
people seem to have difficulty soldering zinc around their projects.  This is because zinc transmits the heat
quickly – more quickly than the tin/lead solder – requiring more heat to be put
into the process.  There is a solder that
can make this...

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Single Layer Slumping
Almost all glass can be slumped as a single layer, whether
produced for kiln working or not.  A few
are extra sensitive at even slumping temperature and change character at around
630C-650°C, but all others can be slumped.  This posts concentrates on slumpi...

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Vinegar for Cleaning
Cleaning glass with acids causes corrosion of the surface of the glass. So many people mention using vinegar to help clean the ground
edges. I can't resist commenting. Vinegar is acidic. Glass is alkaline. Leave
the glass in the vinegar too long and it will...

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Devitrification on Ground Edges
The first element in preventing devitrification is cleaning.  Making sure all the edges of the glass are clean will help.  OK, you have cleaned the edges well after grinding. You still get detrification, so you want to know Why do ground
edges get devitrifi...

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Mandrels for Screen melts
In creating screen melts, the steel or other support left in
the project can leave such a degree of stress that the piece will began to
fracture over time.  The use of thin
stainless steel rods as used in mandrels for bead making is an alternative, as
they ...

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Assessing Pre-programmed Schedules
Many kiln manufacturers are shipping their kilns with a set
of programs already entered and saved into the controllers.  You might think that all these pre-set schedules would all
be the same, as the range of glass to be considered is relatively small. Yet,...

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Holding the Cutting Head
Many people hold their cutting head steady with a finger
during the scoring process.  This is not
necessary. The axel of the cutting wheel is slightly forward of the
centre line of the cutter.  In addition,
the cutter is held slightly angled back toward the...

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Encapsulation of Fused Glass Panels
You can encapsulate both leaded and fused glass panels into
double glazed units. Leaded glass panels have the outer came built in “Y” shaped
came.  The tail of the “Y” is held
between the spacer bars at the edge of the double glazed unit. You normally
need ...

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Making Your Own Schedules
Starting out with your own schedules is a bit frightening as
you don’t yet know the capabilities of your kiln and the problems that might
occur. This note attempts to give you some pointers on how to go about making
your own schedules. Start with the glass ...

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Diurnal Firing Practices
It is most
common for people to fire overnight so they can see their piece(s) the next
morning.   This is a poor practice for novices.  Not simply a lazy one. It is a practice that
leads to use of others’ programs and practices, rather than building on one’...
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