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The URL currently points to this google plus page. I was wondering if I should redirect it elsewhere. e.g. -- should it direct to the discord page?...set up a new wordpress or wiki?

Getting new hard drive tomorrow...will likely migrate the server again this weekend.

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Finally migrated our server files to a different host last's currently back up at (you still need to run Minecraft 1.12.x) -- the survival map is up so you can visit the #evo2016 #evo2017 and #evo2018 villages.

Dynamap is also working at

FYI, the world/map together take up 10gigs (mostly map tiles).

Let me know if you notice any bugs/issues!


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In preparation for our Real Life Meet up at TESOL 2018, I copied the server files to a much larger hard drive and restarted dynmap. If you have some time this week, please play to help the map repopulate. The web address is the same as the server address just add :8123 for the port. Here's a direct link to the survival map --

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DID YOU KNOW...that you can check the status of a multiplayer server without having to starting the game? Bookmark this tool on Dinnerbone's (one of Minecraft's early developers) page, and enter the address of your favorite server to see the message of the day, the plugin configuration, and the users who are currently online.

I have the EVO world up and running from my home PC at the moment. Feel free to come back and explore, but changes to the world made today may not be reflected after we get up and running from Jeff's machine later tonight.

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You may have noticed a strange world when trying to log in. While in the process of migrating our server files, I have set up redirection to a tiny "skyblock" map. This is a special survival challenge where you spawn on a small island in the sky with very limited resources and have to figure out how to stay alive and keep expanding your build area. The gamedata from other worlds is currently in transit to a new home that (hopefully) will be able to handle our growing community.

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New Build in honor of Carnivale! /warp creative to find her

Dynamap is now disabled (no online map) but the server appears to be running fine.

All users should be able to:

/tp /tpa


I have deleted a large portion of the dynamap map. It was all tiles that generated in the last week or so so the rest should be recoverable.

The permissions files got corrupted up when the drive was full so permissions need to be reassigned. Meet me in server if you want to help test.
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