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Using the Dynmap plugin, I've been able to get some great satellite images of some locations on the survival map.

Here's an aerial pic of the original village from 2016 and one of +Rose Bard's current work-in-progress, a welcome center for #EVO2018
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FYI I am replacing the old warps plugin (melwarps) with essentials-spigot. This comes with lots of other features. At the moment, the old warps are not accessible but I will try to import them a bit later when i get a chance.

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Found this on our creative world today...Did someone here make them?
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Warps are working now too...

Only log into the server over the next few days at your own risk. Since the update, there's currently a problem with the plugins so I disabled all of them and add them back one by one.

Hi all,

The server is up with a new address. You can now reach the EVO by pointing your client to

You should connect with client version 1.10.2 -- I will be updating this to a newer version in the coming days.

To those of you who run servers, I'm planning to keep going with Spigot...any compelling reason to switch to spigotpaper or another flavor of server?

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Hi All -- it's great to see all the work people have been doing on the server.

I've been trying to manage some things behind the scenes and adjust the plugins/permissions/settings and I think it's caused some confusion because I haven't been good about notifying people of the changes.

Plugins --
Our server uses Multiverse to handle multiple worlds
We use PerWorldInventory to keep creative and survival inventories seperate
MapManager provides better handling of the in-game maps
MelWarps - /warp and /warplist

Last week I added:
PermissionsEx - to handle ranks/permissions
EssentialsPro-Reloaded - for some basic services

When setting up PermissionsEx (or Pex)...i used a default config file that created 5 ranks:

default -- when you first join -- you can build, tp and warp
Builder -- you should be promoted quickly to this -- you can set warps and do all of the above
Moderator - can do slightly more -- can do /ep commands
Admin - Lots of power (and lots of responsibility)
Owner - Can do everything (me)

It's definitely a delicate dance to get the plugins working in concert but I have a better understanding of the permissions than I did a few weeks ago so we can do some fun things moving forward.

Does anyone have suggestions for Plugins that work with Bukkit/Spigot and Minecraft 1.10.2?
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