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Welcome 2017 Doyle Fellows!
Congratulations to the three recipients of the 2017 Doyle Fellowhship. Meghan Woods will be working with Gabby Bradt on green crabs, Erich Berghahn will be working with Michael Chambers in aquaculture, and Trevor Burns will work with Alyson Eberhardt and Ca...
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Accepting Applications for Summer 2017
Hampshire Sea Grant is currently accepting applications for the 2017 Brian E.
Doyle Undergraduate Marine Extension Fellowship. Students entering their junior
or senior year - as well as graduating seniors - from any four-year undergraduate
institution i...
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Good morning!

This is definitely a post to share a Qualtrics survey, but also a success story. Stick with me here...

For many semesters, N.H. Sea Grant worked with a group of UNH undergraduate technical writing students. They are charged with thoroughly researching a topic and creating a written product as their final project. The group Sea Grant was assigned to received a handful of topics from Steve Adams, our former SG Director of Communications. They chose the Aptitude Quiz. This would be a personality test of sorts to determine which Marine Career you might be interested in pursuing.

Steve worked with this group throughout the semester to guide them on the types of questions to ask, checked to see if the conclusions made sense and made sure they were progressing. When Steve felt good about the aptitude quiz, he forwarded it on to Sea Grant colleagues and beyond to have them take the (paper) test and give us feedback. At the same time, SG Communications was working on redesigning the site The Aptitude Quiz would have a digital life here. It is designed to help high school and undergraduate students who are interested in the Marine field refine their interest and see what kinds of careers are out there!

Please visit the site and take the Quiz. Are you in the correct line of work? :)

The aim is to help guide the students' direction of study rather than to analyize the numbers. BUT if I was to analyze the results, they would say that since launching the quiz in August 2014:

*35,420 surveys started, 31,070 completed - completion rate of 88%
*Of questions answered, 35% favored Marine Biology and 23% favored Oceanography, with Social & Policy Science and Ocean Engineering coming in at 16% and 15% respectively.

We have Marine Biologists and Oceanographers coming up through the ranks!

Thanks for reading.


Hello! I'm Michelle Lemos and I am part of Cooperative Extension and Sea Grant at the University of New Hampshire. Qualtrics is fun! :) Really, it is! There are so many options and ways of asking questions that I want to create surveys just to use these cool functions :)

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Summer 2015
New Hampshire Sea Grant would like to welcome our Doyle Fellows and Cooperative Extension intern for the summer. Meagan Peavey will be mentored by Michael Chambers in Aquaculture, Molly McGovern and Myrill Hartkopf will be mentored by Alyson Eberhardt in He...
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Summer 2014
New Hampshire Sea Grant would like to welcome our three
Doyle Fellows for the summer.  Alexandra
Philip will be working with Julia Peterson and Chris Keeley in climate change
and storm water management projects while Dan Tauriello partners with Michael Cham...
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AOP Conference fun
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