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Play Games for Science

Are you a gamer? Do you spend countless hours playing in-browser games during class? Do you find yourself bored in theoretical classes with minimal engagement, wishing you could just do some real science already?

If you answered yes (however sheepishly) to any of these, we have a new game for you: Eyewire. This game was developed at MIT to assist neuroscientists map the brain. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement: You get to play with colorful 3D models of neurons, rack up points, and see what your brain may look like on the inside (assuming that boring class hasn't roasted it already), while MIT gets man-hours of intelligent analysis and the progression of science.

Furthering study of the brain while playing a game? What could possibly be any cooler? Check it out today!

Disclaimer: SPS does not condone or encourage a lack of classroom attentiveness.

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The voting for next academic year's officer positions is now LIVE! Please click on the link below ASAP and vote for any or all of the positions. Voting closes the evening of April 11th (Thursday), but it only takes a minute, so why not vote right now?
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Don't forget!
Wherein we will watch movies that are possibly good but probably bad and definitely involve an egregious misuse of scientific principles. Final movie vote will be held among the people present, but the available movies will be The Core, Sunshine, and Batman. 

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Please don't try this at home. But you can watch the gif!

Today in Quantum we played Are You Smarter Than a 10-Year-Old? We lost.

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Last month we had our first Physicist of the Month Face-off, with Emmy Noether emerging the victor, as you see below. Come by SPS this week to see Chandra challenge her for her position!

Last week, on Overheard in Quantum: 
"We're going to have so many acronyms, the business school will be jealous!" - Dr. Brown.

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As you may have known, SPS participated in the PRIMES scavenger hunt yesterday, running and biking all around campus gathering clues. What you may not know is that we won! Yes, our team of just four people (out of the allowed six) went head-to-head with at least 15 other teams and finished all the puzzles with half an hour to spare! For this, we got first choice from the mini-prize basket.

But wait! That's not all! Phase II is yet to come! The team that completes Phase II first will win the $750 cash prize, so we still need everyone's help! The next clues will be released on their website very shortly, so stay tuned!
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We found the Higgs, what next?
Ph.D. comics has a new LHC related video!
September 3, 2012
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