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State "show me your papers" laws, however, do undermine the civil rights of millions of Americans who have lived here for decades. They require police officers to ask anyone who is "suspect" for their citizenship papers, abandoning the bedrock American legal principle of innocent until proven guilty.

At a time when our country grows increasingly diverse by the day, these laws encourage discrimination against people based solely on how they look or how they speak. Is it right for a military veteran to get asked for his papers just because he's of Mexican heritage? Is it right for a mother of Asian background who speaks with an accent to get asked for her papers - right in front of her children? A state law that encourages discrimination is flat out wrong. That's not who we are as a nation.
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'We don't need a confusing patchwork of 50 state immigration laws. We need a federal solution. This is what both common sense and the Constitution require.

By rejecting SB 1070, the Supreme Court can send the clear signal to our national leaders in Washington, DC that they must step up to the plate and meet their responsibility to enact well-designed, bipartisan federal policy.

We are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. We need comprehensive immigration reform. SB 1070 is not the answer.'
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