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Upgraded the work Mac to Mountain Lion. Painless and quick, and everything still works (except Growl). I've also noticed opening apps is pretty snappy as well. Now hopefully WebEx, Firefox, and Java can play along nicely.

Alas, the project I created from scratch over 2 years ago is finally being being put down. Oddly I'm not sad, a little wistful perhaps. It was my baby, I wrote it's first lines of code, was the first person to check it into Subversion, saw it grow up into it's own homegrown ORM (never doing that again), experienced user growth that surpassed all of the other tools my coworkers were on, and then saw it's entire business team laid off in one fell swoop. It's been circling the drain for a year now, and finally we've been told not to support it anymore. Le sigh...

Hacker News ( has been down for me at Cisco for the past 2 days. Works fine from home though. I figure my productivity has shot up at least 50%.

It's too bad the new Kindle Fire HD models still don't have GPS. At least I can't find anyone who says it does. Having the ability to do 4G LTE is nice though. Not enough to get me to upgrade from my original Kindle Fire though.

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Are you ready for some proxy tribal warfare?

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Poor sloth...
the +Wafaa Humadi award for the funniest and best thing you will see ever. literally. ever.

goes to...

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Had the most amazing sushi today at Thai Noodles in Cary/Morrisville/RTP/wherever! Amazing Eel, I LOVE YOU!!!
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