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Sarah Macp
Chaotic caffeine addict with a natural tendency to procrastinate anything.
Chaotic caffeine addict with a natural tendency to procrastinate anything.

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Read the small print
Facebook is responsible for all manner of evils and I must admit that I've only kept my account open so that I can be a member of the Tatty Devine fan page where all the best acrylic jewellery gossip is to be found - I'm not going to mention the sales page ...

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Summer Holiday Blues
This is a post that's been rumbling around my head for a while.  Since maybe the 27th of June, the first day of the Scottish summer holidays!  It's a hard one to write, I feel disloyal to my girl. ASD is a bitch in many ways but she bites us the hardest dur...

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When walking the walk involves limping
For years I have been looking forward to being a little old lady with a walking stick.  Bear with me.  I have no plans to be a darling old wifey never without a sweetie to share.  I'm looking forward to being a complete bitch, untouchable because I'm wrinkl...

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My Joyful Things
As a massive fan of Ninja Book Swap when Bex tweeted about Parcels of Joy I knew it was something I really wanted on board with.  Much as I enjoy getting parcels, I prefer sending them.  Choosing things I think people will love, cracking open the stationery...

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It's been a while
So, I haven't blogged in a wee while.  Is there a cut off point for when a wee while becomes fecking ages? Does 12 months class as a wee while or fecking ages? Life has been getting in the way of living somewhat. Recently I've been missing putting my musing...

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Hitting the reset button
Well I've been a bit quiet for a while!  With 2 it's a lot easier to pretend that I'm far too busy. Of course I'm only fooling myself, and then only because I have my fingers in my ears singing 'la la la' to drown out the voice of reason. I seem to have bou...

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Guilty Pleasures
I don't really feel guilty about pleasure. That said. I don't drink, smoke or partake in legal or illegal highs, or lows. The things that bring me pleasure are nothing to feel guilty about. When I'm neglecting everything and everyone, sorry kids, with my no...

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Self care Sunday
{Image source} Meditation is one of those things I've been trying to do for years. It has featured on my New Year resolutions, on and off, for over a decade. If I meditate at any point after lunch it's not meditation it's a nap. But I'm not a morning person...

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What day is it?
So I signed up for BEDM full of ideas and with reams of notes about the first few posts I was going to do. The one thing I neglected to do was to work out what day it started on. Yeah I managed to spend all of yesterday unaware that it was May Day and under...

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As my lack of recent posts might suggest I seem to have misplaced my blogging mojo. It might have been put out with a dirty nappy, sterilised with a bottle or just have run away from the chaos. So when I read Bex's Currently post a wee lightbulb appeared ov...
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