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I bought my first Mac in 1984! The original.  Have had macs ever since, but had to tolerate Windows in the business world.  I own a MacBook Pro, iMac, ipad and ipad2, ipod touch, ipod nano, iphone 4s.  Live in Knoxville, TN.  I love apple as a company.  They don't get everything right but mostly....
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I think we have to consider that perfection doesn't exists. But we really value those companies who are trying very hard to make "almost perfect" products. That is the case with Apple.
I ended at Apple in private live, after toying around with Win 3.11 till XP and some Debian in between. At the end, after I understood the way Apple was concentrating around the document and the lag of mouse-buttons isn't a lag at all, I'm in now since the days of Tiger. Never had a laptop lasting that long, like my old MBP (early 2007 bought). It is still alive, just the hard-disk was swapped.
And I for myself can proof the word : Once a Mac you never go back.
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