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This was one of the.. no-the worst, experience I have ever had with a bicycle repair shop. La pire expérience - Cette boutique fait des réparations horribles I asked for my gear changers to be replaced on my mountain bike and my handlebars to be tightened. I was told it would cost $40. It cost $100 and when I got the bike back home realized that he used two different mismatched gear changers, looked like they were left overs perhaps, one was very cheap-white metal. Also getting home saw that all the wires were loose and the handlebar plugs were missing. He took them off, never put them back on. It took me an hour to repair the repair. Handle bars have become loose in the past week and there is huge amounts of grease leaking out from my handlebar joints- all over my jeans. You should not have this person fix your bike. He does not have a clue how to repair bikes.
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