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A CSG Editor tool that allows construction in the editor and outputs meshes (including temporary meshes). Free and will be on github soon.
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Another example of what Extrood can do.
Additionally this is a free little Car Game demo people can play. See if you can get around the track in less than 24 seconds!
See video details for more information on downloads.

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Extrood - a simple extrusion and spline repeating tool. Allows for very fast development of roads, fence, lines even "scattering objects" around a scene - supports library random selection.
Hope people like it. Im using it for my own internal City Generation project, but I though it might be useful to others.
Heres the store:!/content/40477
And website:
Examples in my city builder

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WebDruino now Blockly

WebDruino is moving along at a decent pace. The excellent Scratch based programming BlocklyDruino has been added. So now you can program your Arduino from the comfort of .. anywhere!

Currently Win32 and Win64 is working. Linux compile and upload will be added this weekend. Blockly components for WebDruino are coming soon - you will be able to layout and configure gadgets to interact with Arduino elements.

Please be sure to fill out the configuration properties carefully if you want to use it. It is currently manual (I hope to automate this as much as possible). Baud rate and Platform board can heavily impact the compilation and upload success.

For details on the build. The file builds/build.log has the latest errors and warnings from your last build - look in this file for hints if you are having problems.

Otherwise.. feel free to contact me at webdruino if you have problems.

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Its the start of a little toolkit to access your Arduino directly from a website. There are a number of ideas and features to go. It is barely functional at the moment, but I had to put it in a repo somewhere :)
By the end of the week I hope to have the basic elements all working properly - at the moment its mainly analog and serial setup that works.

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Elite:Dangerous - so disappointing.

First feelings about Elite:Dangerous
I bought into premium beta a few months back and pretty much regret it. Here explains why.

Elite is beautiful. And I mean amazing type.. some of the views on screen are stunning. This tends to keep making you want to come back to play it. see here:
The combat is sort of ok. There are massive problems with it though - mainly to do with controls. Will explain in Cons.
The ship designs are pretty nice. But limited.
No single player - its all online (even the single player requires online). There's only 55 systems to 'play in' making it just not the Frontier or Elite of yesterday - pretty much Zero exploration.
Its more like Eve gameplay than anything, except Eve is better combat and trade.
Be prepared to be smashed - you will die multiple times, and lose lots of credits just trying to get used to the controls. Even entering a space station is a common place to die and lose all your money.
Controls.. are nothing short of shit. After years playing Frontier, and Freelancer and other great space games with great control systems. To then jump into this game and be so frustrated and annoyed just trying to move the ship around let alone use the combat system. Its messy, and detracts from enjoying the game you are in. I also dont understand why spaceships would be hard to drive in the future? One of the claims of Elite is that it is physically accurate and logically accurate - yet, laser that dont auto fire at your target are not standard? (hell we have rifles now that can auto track targets - why wouldnt they be standard in space!). Then theres the landing.. its all manual. Expect to crash your ship multiple times before landing in a space station.
Finally.. the worst missing element (imho).. is the ability to land on planets in cities. This was awesome in Frontier. Just doesnt exist in ED. So.. ED really is just like Eve, and if you are paying money to play.. join Eve.. far better far more mature.. and better universe.
Yes ED has trading.. but its secondary to the experience.. feels "added on" rather than part of it. And theres no exploration (well with 55 systems.. you cant).
Its all very disappointing.. and in the long run surprising, since they had a working game design to derive from (Frontier).. and just failed to produce any of the core elements that made Frontier one of the all time great space sims. At least you can use it to make nice space screenshots for your desktop, thats about all its good for.

I really hope Star Citizen learns from the mistakes made in ED. Freelancer in HD.. would be awesome.. and thats something most SC folks are hoping for :)
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Hi All,
Have been looking at buying a printer also. And also wondering - how do most of the printers do their positional detection? Is it using encoders? I had wondered whether laser based positioning was used anywhere (or even if thats even sensible)?

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Put together a small luaJit toolkit (based on my old Byt3d system) for people to get familiar with luaJit. The first sample is a sprite and nice fragment shader.  Available on git:
Currently Windows only - I'll put up OSX and Linux as soon as I can.
Enjoy :)
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