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In this episode, we discuss the hardest homeschooling subject, Math! Heather Linchenko, creator of innovative methods of teaching math called MathHacked, discusses what she learned teaching her own children and how her paradigm changed as she used different methods in parenting, learning, and personal growth.

Through much trial and error, Heather Linchenko, picked up some unique philosophies about education (and parenting) along the way, that she found to be very effective, and much easier on both teacher and student. These new ideas, along with lots of experimenting--and some mind-blowing success in the classroom--led to the creation of a system for teaching multiplication (before addition, ideally) that we call MathHacked. She hopes it will become a factor in shifting current educational paradigms as she sees a new day in education dawning and is excited to be a part of it!

Show Notes for Episode 211:

#homeschooling #parenting #math #teaching, freedom in education, math hacked

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On this episode, we meet an old friend of ours a life and business coach, Shelly Yorgesen, who teaches the Art & the Science of Empowering Women to Win Daily and live with Peace & Confidence...and now YOU are part of us! 

Shelly is married to Bret Yorgesen and they are the proud parents of 5, as well as a new grandma of little Liza Pearl 

She is the owner of 3 companies, How Women Win is her 3rd. 

Her motto of
"I only do what I love and if I l don't love it..."...and the rest of that you will 
learn about in today's podcast. 

Shelly has figured out the recipe of doing what she loves in life, and How Women Win teaches that to ladies all over the world. 

Show notes for Episode 210:

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In this episode, Katherine Ludwig, talks about how to stay relevant in the age of smart machines and how we need to change our learning methods so we can create processes that will flow with our unique times. We discuss terms like the "old smart" and how the "new smart" is different but provides learners the ability to be life-long, more emotionally-mature, skilled students.

Katherine Ludwig is a Research, Editing, and Publishing Associate at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and a former lawyer. She is co-author with Darden professor Ed Hess of Humility Is the New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age

Show notes for Episode 209:

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This is a great podcast learning about Cate Fogarty's personal educational journey and how she learned to better direct her life through the childhood experiences of world-schooling with her family. She also talks about how empathetically working with others helped her better craft messages in simplistic terms for better understanding.

Cate Fogarty is a filmmaker and writer who has lived in the United States, the Caribbean, and Norway. Her current projects include making a documentary film about sailing from Minnesota to Florida and writing for Mixed Mental Arts.

Show Notes for Episode 208:

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In this episode, we chat with Teri Lynne Underwood who is a pastor’s wife, ministry speaker, and Bible teacher about problems facing our girls and mothers as well as solutions through prayer, faith, and realizing our true place in our daughter's lives. This is a great conversation regardless if you have daughters but want to better help society at large.

Teri Lynne is the mother of a teenage daughter and the founder of Prayers for Girls, a popular online community for mothers of daughters, Teri Lynne is a cheerleader for girl moms and the author of Praying for Girls: Asking God for the Things They Need Most.

Show Note for Episode 206:

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In this episode, we talk with Caitlyn Scheel, a 16 year old autodidact who took control of her education at fourteen. Caitlyn is the essence of a "Firestarter" which on our website, we describe as: "people who strive to think differently, outside-the-box, who inspire people around them to ask questions and look at things differently. In essence, to create ideas of passion that start fires of change in their paradigm"

Caitlyn Scheel tells her story of how she made a presentation to her parents in 8th grade, to opted out of the public school system. In addition to driving her own education, Caitlyn is the youngest person to be accepted to Praxis (a college alternative). Through this connection, she connected with Praxis alumnus, Brad Matthews. Together they launched, a site that aims to educate parents and students alike on what unschooling is and how to go live life as an unschooler. It was this connection with Brad that led to her to landing her current job with PARADOX, where she handles their entire digital presence. This has been a fantastic position for her to continue self-directed learning in the real world. 

Show Notes for Episode #205:

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Adam is an innovation expert, a career-long student, and devotee of innovation. He serves as the Vice President of Innovation at Ideas To Go, Inc., a leading innovation consultancy where he has served Fortune 200 clients for 16 years. He shares with us ideas from a book he co-authored, Outsmart Your Instincts: How The Behavioral Innovation(TM) Approach Drives Your Company Forward. It is an interesting conversation on how we can be more innovative by shedding cognitive biases—the instinctual mental shortcuts we all have in our brains that shape how we see and respond to the world around us— which can also be the archnemeses of innovation/innovative thinking. He teaches us new way of thinking to help us be more innovative, curious, and creative.

Show Notes for Episode 204:

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In this episode, we finally connect with author and mentor, Lea Ann Garifias, where we discuss her 3 books: Rocking Ordinary: Holding It Together with Extraordinary Grace, Homeschool Made Easy: Homeschool Your Way, and her new book, Homeschool High School Made Easy: Find Your Why . . . Then Find Your Way (Homeschool Made Easy). It is a great conversation between ordinary homeschooling moms on how to live life in your mission, simply with grace and determination.

Lea Ann is a homeschool graduate and homeschooling mother of four. She has worked for the past five years as a homeschool columnist, featured writer, and editor for several homeschool publications around the country. Lea Ann was herself homeschooled from seventh grade through high school graduation. Besides homeschool mom, Lea Ann also wears the titles soccer mom, professional violinist, and wife of a hot Latino. She is madly in love with her husband of over two decades, David Garfias from Peru. They live with their four hilarious children in the Dallas area.

Show Notes for Episode 203:

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To learn more about homeschooling by ordinary moms, go to

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This honest, authentic conversation of Walking Out Your Life's Mission with prolific author of more than seventy books, Tricia Goyer, is based on her book, Walk It Out: The Radical Result of Living God’s Word One Step at a Time. She helps us discover that mission as well as the steps we can take to get started.

Tricia is a homeschooling mom of ten, grandmother of four, and wife to John. She is the founder of Hope Pregnancy Center in Kalispell, Montana and now leads a teen mom support group in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Show notes for Episode 202:’s-Mission
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