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“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”  Abraham Lincoln.

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The best ebook reader app ever, for Mac, Linux, Android, Windows etc. I repeat: best. And free, as in beer.

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Watch this if you think about the future and your job. #future #jobs #robots #scarcity  

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How To Start A Hackerspace

A fantastic new series on +Adafruit Industries by +Eric Michaud 


Hi, I’m +Eric Michaud 

From the first time I visited a Hackerspace, I knew that I had to do everything I could to get Hackerspaces everywhere. I first experienced Hackerspace C-Base in Berlin, before there was an NYC Resistor, a Noisebridge, or a HacDC. I came back to the United States and found community with like minds – and then I co-founded Washington’s first Hackerspace HacDC and founded Chicago’s first Hackerspace, Pumping Station: One. Since then, I’ve been traveling full-time, fundraising for Hackerspaces with College of Lockpicking.

This How To Start A Hackerspace guide is for you, for everyone who has felt like I have and wanted to have a space to hack, to find community, to learn, to break things, to make things and to have a place to do it. Read How To Start A Hackerspace and find out everything you need to know to get started – including learning from the trials and tribulations of myself and my co-founders – and how to make a successful Hackerspace a reality.

Share this information widely, because we will have great hacks, hackers, and Hackerspaces when everyone can set up their own Hackerspaces.

Now, let’s get started.

In this “How To” I’ve broken it up into several parts listed below:

How To Start A Hackerspace: Part 1
What is a Hackerspace, and who do you want as your core crew to build your Hackerspace?

How To Start A Hackerspace: Part 2 – A Place To Hack All The Things
What requirements does your Hackerspace need to meet?

How To Start A Hackerspace: Part 3 – A Home For Your Hackerspace
Where to locate your Hackerspace, and things you’ll need to consider.

How To Start A Hackerspace: Part 4 – Get It Done
Make a task list and delegate responsibility to the core crew.

How To Start A Hackerspace: Part 5 – Money and Resources
How to bring in resources to get the tools and materials you need.

How To Start A Hackerspace: Part 6 – Get Your Space Ready
What to do, and where to put everything in your space once you have it.

How To Start A Hackerspace: Part 7 – Launch
What to do when everything is set up.

Got that? Awesome!

As you read How To Start A Hackerspace remember that Hackers are people who push the boundaries of their form and art, in whichever discipline that is. A Hackerspace is just a physical resource that is empty until you fill it up with tools, people, and projects. Check out what other hackers have done at global resource, and find shared info and wisdom at #hackerspaces  +Eric Michaud 

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Amazing! The future is here, it's just unevenly distributed! #p2p #openhardware #abundance  

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I've always hated that line of reasoning.

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+Adafruit Industries takes up the +Electronic Frontier Foundation's call-to-action to keep 3D printing open! The EFF is trying to help us, let's help them!

1) Go dig around in the US patent applications and see if you can find anything that's 3d printing related.
2) Find some prior art. It's most likely already out there, in forums, blog posts, wikis, flickr, etc.
3) Report it to the EFF.
4) We all win. (AKA "profit," but less corporate.)
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