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Free camping in Australia
After writing my last post about my time in Mildura, I thought it would be interesting to write a post about free camping in Australia. You can find free camping all around Australia and it’s a brilliant option for backpackers trying to save money or even j...

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Australia, Mildura
As you may know from my previous posts about completing my regional work, Mildura was awful for me in terms of work. I worked on a fig farm for a grand total of four days before deciding I wasn’t willing to put myself through gruelling days in 40°C heat for...

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Regional Work in Australia and Getting a 2nd Year Visa - Part 2
In this post I wanted to go into more detail about the work itself and give you guys some recommendation based on my experiences. I have worked on 5 different farms during my time in Australia so I have experienced both good and bad farms, different types o...

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Australia, Innisfail
Much like when I wrote about Tully I’m sure most of you won’t have heard of Innisfail. It is another small town in Northern Queensland, about an hour from Cairns, where I went to do my regional work. I would love to say that’s where I completed my farm work...

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Advice I Would Give A First Time Traveller
(Before you start reading I know my hair looks awful in this photo, in my defence this was taken in 2012 and I did it myself!) I have been travelling for a fair while now and I thought it would be interesting to reflect on what I’ve actually learnt from my ...

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Australia, Mission Beach
Mission Beach is a small town in Northern Queensland that seems to be popular with families and backpackers. It’s ideal for families as it’s a small, quiet beach town that never gets overly busy and for backpackers the appeal is the same. There are 3 hostel...

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Regional Work in Australia and Getting a Second Year Visa
I desperately wanted to write a post about regional work and getting your second year visa in Australia, as I remember how frustrating it was trying to find clear information on the subject. When I first set out to find regional work I was so overwhelmed wi...

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Australia, Tully
If you had asked me at the time I probably would have said I hated Tully, actually scrap that detested the place! I would have said I was literally counting the days until I could leave and that it was by far the worst place I have ever had to stay. I reall...

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Falling In (and out of) Love With Blogging
As you may have noticed, by simply glancing at my blog archive, blogging has been a bit of a turbulent journey for me. When I first began my blog I was so passionate about writing and creating new content. I was so excited for my blogging journey to begin a...

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Australia, Fitzroy Island
As I spent so much time in Northern Queensland (pretty much the majority of my time that I’ve been in Australia) I was able to visit Fitzroy Island a number of times. Unfortunately each time I did visit I was either drinking or hungover, so I wasn’t able to...
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