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Paul Murphy
Father, Gamer, basic coder, web and DB work
Father, Gamer, basic coder, web and DB work

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Off to the dentists soon for a check up, just been entertaining myself with a comparison that has been done between Android and the 'new' iOS7 ( which shows Apple doing what they do so often and calling something new when they mean that it's new to them.

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Have updated ny Novo7 Fire with CyanogenMod 10.1 - at last my bluetooth headphones can pause and skip tracks! aside from that it seems faster and has a lot more options for the interface, AND since it looks like a Nexus7 to the market I can now install apps that it couldn't before.
Instant update to 4.2.2 :-)
Instructions and files here (
A downside is that there is no ethernet connectivity, but haven't tried OTG with an ethernet adapter yet.
Well worth a look, especially if you feel your older android devices need a refresh - only caveat is to make sure you check your model carefully and get hold of the right files.

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Ainol novo7 fire , one day after delivrry. Ok well yhis £140 android tablet has its good sides and its downsides. The 7" 1280x800 screen is really good' but its really hard to make out the really tiny text, and thogh browsers resize applications don't, so picking up typos is hard.
There is no gps or mobile comms, though you can attach an otg dongle and use a 3g stick.
I was using my works galaxy tab before this, so I ran quadrant to get sn idea of the speed differences. The tab svord 1100, while the fire scored 3000 and 4000 when put into performsnce mode (its rooted out of the box) so almost 3 times fadter!
I have put my 16gb microsd card in and its playing music faultlessly so far, the tab would juddet quite often.
This particular one is refurbished and was £99, which explains the screen artifacts i hope. The ips screen seems to discolour on video and virtual keyboard, which i hope ismt the case on the regular ones. Since its cheap and it comes from china i cant be asked to return it.
I have spent most of today installing apps and playing around. The speed and responsiveness is a lot better than the tab :-)
One thing i have noticed is that the play store apps seem to be different for this version of android, and some apps arent listed compatible.
Ok - on the PC now - typing a lot of text of a real keyboard is a lot better - fewer typos as well..
The Amazon link is here ( for those want to get one.
I have attached a photo to show the difference in resolution between the Tab and the Fire - I think there is such a thing as too high a resolution, especially on the smaller screens :-)
On and note the Tab (bottom) is not showing all the text - though its at least readable.
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