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a movie made entirely in blender

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Made a test using Motion Capture and Blender 3D!
I am still new to cycles, so the textures look weird.
I did not do any keyframing, just used .bvh files.

Please +1!  And share this with friends!

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Uv texturing step, i hope it's helpfull for +Blender Users arround the world :D #b3d  

Welcome to all the new followers :)

And sorry for not being very active lately, but I've been busy with work, then sick then busy again :(

Will try to post more again now.

As always if you got something good, tag / mention the page and I will re-share it ;)

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via +Phuoc Can Hua 

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Please let me know if you have any interesting blender news / project / tutorials,..

I am a bit busy with work at the moment so don't have too much time for blender myself :(

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What else would I be doing on the fourth of july!? +Blender Users +Blendtuts  #animation  
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