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Knowlogy is your leader for IT Training, Consulting and Certifications.
Knowlogy is your leader for IT Training, Consulting and Certifications.


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Happy #Veterans  Day! Knowlogy is thankful for all men and women who serve in the Armed Forces.
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Last day to win a #Surface tablet. Register for a class now before its too late!
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1 day left for your chance to win a Microsoft #Surface!
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2 days left in our #Surface tablet giveaway! (Hub Bub employees prepare coffee for customers.)
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3 days left to win your own #Surface tablet!
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*Refreshments and Lunch will be provided and parking is free. 

SharePoint 2013 Top 10 New Features for Power Users 

1.SharePoint Apps
3.Project Site 
4.Community Site 
5.Document Management
7.Site Based Compliance
8.Team Folders 
9.External Lists 
10.OneNote Integration
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The Seminar will be a condensed version of the course below. 

Customer satisfaction comes from providing an acceptable solution to the right problem. Users often struggle to clearly identify what they need, and even more often, systems engineers and project managers are faced with multiple stakeholders who disagree on solution “musts” and “wants.” This course provides techniques to accurately define user needs, reconcile conflicting needs, and ensure the needs, wants, and constraints are accurately communicated to developers for system implementation.

Course Overview
Project success or failure often depends on the project team’s ability to accurately define and control the requirements baseline. This course provides a proven, practical approach for capturing, documenting, and managing requirements. The course addresses requirements management techniques for both traditional and agile development processes.

Project managers, systems engineers, analysts, developers, testers, and process engineers who are responsible for capturing, documenting, or responding to requirements on a project will benefit from the course.

At Course Completion
Attendees will be able to:
·         Identify and categorize stakeholders
·         Describe approaches to requirements documentation
·         Build a concept of operations
·         Solicit constraints, needs, and wants
·         Focus and document project scope and requirements
·         Write requirements that can be validated
·         Verify system performance
·         Negotiate changes
·         Implement a change control process
·         Measure user satisfaction (validation)

Course Outline
·         The problem with requirements
·         Stakeholders
·         Building an “agreement” structure
·         Types of requirements
·         Concept of operations / scenario development
·         Validation planning
·         Writing clear requirements
·         Managing ambiguity
·         Prioritizing Requirements
·         Verification planning
·         Accepting change
·         Implementing a change control system
·         Implementing the process
Course Closure
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Seminar includes refreshments and lunch. 

Tour technologies, administrative components and deployment options undergirding Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 solution. Microsoft Office 365 brings together cloud versions of Microsoft’s most trusted email, communication and collaboration software – Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online.
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Find your apps quickly on your #Surface  tablet, press Win Key + Q. Don't have one? Win it by registering for ANY class by Halloween to be entered in our drawing!
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IBM's point of view on #cloud computing explained in 2 minutes: 
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