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Christian Authors Must Be More Accountable than the National Media
Many Christians in the USA today are having problems with the national media. There are many reports that they are presenting the truth incorrectly. The plea seems to be, ‘Where do I go to find reliable truth?’ How do we feed our sheep? If a preacher stood ...

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Progress Update on Pattern Analysis
Today I met a short-term goal: I have now analyzed 30% of the Bible using the Pattern Analysis methodology. My goal when I started this effort a year ago was to take a sampling of every book of the Bible with a minimum of 10% of each book or three chapters,...

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An Example of Pattern Analysis
Pattern Analysis, an analytical tool to help discern the emphatic voice of the Holy Spirit in the Bible, is one step closer to being released to the public. I am so excited because the first book, Pattern Analysis Handbook: A Compact Guide, has been sent to...

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Since May 2016 I have been singularly focused on studying the literary patterns in the Bible. I have now completed 25% of the Bible and have thoroughly enjoyed the insights this has produced. This month my emphasis has been on the book of Hebrews with work towards a workbook entitled "Hebrews Untangled." I also have a draft of "Pattern Analysis Handbook" which reveals a tool that can be used when analyzing the Bible's structures.

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Thematic Structures in the Bible Expose Fresh Meanings
I've been studying chiastic structures in the Bible for over 15 years. When I mention that to most Bible-believing people, a glaze typically comes over their face. If they're interested, I offer to show them Matthew 6:24, a very simple chiasm with boat load...

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Word Duplication in the Hebrew Portions of the Bible
The Hebrew portion of the Bible contains an intriguing technique to strongly emphasize an action: word duplication . If you said, “I will obey obey God” in English, it would make little sense. In Hebrew, that duplication gives very strong emphasis to the co...

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The Bible: Why a Verbal Plenary Inspiration is Important to You
Never heard about a verbal plenary inspiration of the Bible? I had not either but it makes total sense to me. It is the understanding that the Bible was verbally inspired by God and it is the absolute authority (plenary) of His Word. From this view we can m...

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Thomas B. Clarke commented on a post on Blogger.
This blog article was motivated by my forthcoming book, "Discovering Emphasis in the Bible: Hearing God's Voice through Literary Structure." The chiastic structure is such a phenomenal vehicle for presenting emphatic portions: the center point, the contrast between conjugate pairs (such as B and B′), and any summarization that appears along the way.

One of the challenges that all Bible students have is the correct analysis of a literary unit. I have seen many structures on the internet that appear to be the figment of a person's imagination. Some are very fanciful, others can be nearly correct, and so on. What I suggest is that emphasis (or the lack thereof) reveals the value of a chiastic structure, and therefore can be a check of fanciful verses appropriate.

I believe that the Holy Spirit's inspiration of the Bible was not just for the sake of beauty or intrigue. He had a purpose for each word in the Holy text; His message to us should illuminate our spirit. Hence, my forthcoming book. The emphasis should point us toward His illumination.

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Abbreviated Lists in Biblical Literary Structure
An abbreviated list is the frequent appearance of listed items in the Bible but not all items are repeated. To put it another way, an abbreviated list is a literary device where the shortened form is representative of the whole. I replaced the landscaping i...

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Throw Away Your Bible In A Year Plan; Pursue Meaningful Study Instead
I remember the nutritionist stating to my wife, "You have a choice: continue staying on your prescription medications or stop taking them. You may have good reason to continue taking them; discuss that with your doctor. I am not telling you to stop taking t...
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