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Randi Blairre
What a strange life I live...
What a strange life I live...

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Just two more days in Colorado, then I'm heading home! New Hampshire, here I come!

I just LOVE how others' actions are very likely right now to get me evicted into Colorado January...

Right before Christmas... Well, fuck this year...

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I am conducting an experiment. Please guess how many beads you think are in this jar

Welcome to the family, Machamp.

What did you do today, Randi? Oh, nothin', just drove all the way through Rocky Mountain National Park :D

Fairfarren, Tsupotsuka. Until I find you again.

A car to me is more than simply a means of solving the problem of getting from point A to point B. A car lets me go as I please to points C through Z, and everything in between. You will be missed, Tsupotsuka, but I know I'll find you reborn in another car. You will yet be Jinsokukadan, even if it's not in the body you're in now.

Oh my god fantastic weekend :D

Ctrl+Z doesn't work in real life.
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