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Inland Hunter inexpectata
Last Wednesday I took a lunchtime stroll along
the northern edge of West Basin, a section of Lake Burley Griffin. It is just across
Parkes Way from where I work and is in the heart of Canberra. I should confess
that it wasn’t really just a stroll, so much a...

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Rhapsody in Blue Ringtail
Before starting to read, consider if you'd like to listen to George Gershwin’s  Rhapsody in Blue  while you read this post - if so you could try this link - Last Summer I introduced myself to the amazing world of...

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Emu Dung Fungus
There is a genus of puffball fungus called Pisolithus which includes a number of closely related species. In
Europe it is gastronomically known as the Bohemian truffle, and in the US it is
prosaically called the dyemaker's
puffball . But in call-it-like-it-...

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Beatific Bucolic
Last weekend I went bird banding at one of our regular sites near
Grenfell in central NSW. Normally I’d head out there on the Friday evening and
return on the Sunday afternoon, but this time I only had a day available so
left Canberra in the darkness of ear...

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Countdown to 600 - Top End Birds
600 is a landmark number for a
birdwatcher in Australia. Enough to warrant the creation, quite a while ago
now, of the 600 Club. This was apparently the invention of the late John
McKean, an eminent Australian ornithologist and birdwatcher, who was supposed...

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Top End Dragonflies
In the second half of May, Karen and I took off for Darwin. The minimum overnight temperatures in Canberra in the days preceding our departure had bottomed out at -6 C and we were very much looking forward to the tropical heat of Darwin: low to mid 30s duri...

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Broulee Interlude
At the beginning of May, after the first hard-hitting cold weather of Canberra’s autumn and before we headed off to tropical Darwin for a niece’s wedding, we headed down to Broulee on the NSW south coast for a long weekend. It had been planned for ages, hav...

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Canberra Autumn Mushroom Soup
It seems to me that for most people who live in Canberra,
autumn is a favourite season. A time of cooler temperatures; a reprieve from
the often unrelenting heat of a long dry summer, and a change to clear, crisp,
sunny days. A time of softer light, and of ...

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Tarago Railway Station
Tarago is a small village in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales. At the time of the last census (2011) it had a population of 351 - and falling.  It has a beautiful little railway station.  Tarago railway station has an 84 metre platform, with a doc...

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Spin-lovers - Nephila in Australia
WARNING! Graphic images of spiders follow - arachnophobes should not proceed. Spin-lovers - Nephila in Australia I have no trouble visualising my earliest clear recollection of an encounter with a golden orb-weaving spider! It would have been in 1974 or '75...
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