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Japanese Restaurant
Today 11:00 am – 12:00 am
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132 S Central Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012
132 South Central AvenueUSCaliforniaLos Angeles90012
Japanese Restaurant, Ramen RestaurantToday 11:00 am – 12:00 am
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Informal Japanese chain serving charcoal-grilled yakitori, plus sushi, udon & ramen.- Google
"Delicious ramen, but I would love if they had a chicken broth option."
"If you're down to try other things, get the cheese egg-rolls."
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in the last week
Shinsengumi is pretty well known to the ramen loving crowd. This location is one of the most recent additions to the chain and it is also just as crowded. Some nights you may find yourself lucky and have less than a 5 minute wait, but most of the nights I come here, I almost always have at least a 20 minute wait. You can pretty much judge it by the crowd waiting outside in the cold. Hikari was our server for this night. We were half drunk, but ready to drink more. Although there was a bit of a Japanese language barrier when ordering, the food just felt that much more authentic. Hikari was still super attentive and was already amused at our sake dropping ways. -=-Hakata Ramen-=- For a franchise, the ramen here is just delicious. You get options for your noodles, strength of your broth, and also additions to add. I always get my ramen hard and my soup strong. I also add extra meat and egg to the mix. It ends up being an almost ten dollar bowl of ramen, but it's definitely much tastier. At my first sip, I was definitely loving it. It was the strong soup base that did it. Do yourself good and get it strong. Another tip is that you can always request to add more noodles to your broth when you run out for a nominal but smalll fee of course. I think I'm gonna get some now. Cold night.
• • •
Rodney S's profile photo
Rodney S
3 months ago
Like Burger King, ramen your way. My first time having ramen w/o Top in it's name, or Instant Lunch or Cup Noodles for that matter. I spent a lazy Sunday with a visit to Little Tokyo. After checking out the Japanese American National Museum & window shopping at the Japanese Village Plaza, we worked up impressive appetites and visited the famous Shin Sen Gumi for a late lunch. As previously stated, I'm a newbie to the ramen scene. Being the adventurous foodie that I am, ready & willing to experience new food adventures, I was more than game for a steaming bowl of the Asian delicacy. Shin Sen Gumi was pretty busy when we arrived, but I used the time effectively by giving the ramen checklist a once-over. I chose- Normal amount of noodles Normal thickness of said noodles Extra oil Strong soup base Cod roe Pig ears The waitress called out my name, and we were quickly seated, but not before being welcomed with shouting, which everyone experiences entering & leaving. I gave my slip to the employee & was expecting piping hot goodness in a lil bit. Lo & behold, he said they were out of cod roe & pig ears. Awwwwwww.................. Alright, after a quick look through once more, I opted for poached egg & corn. A short wait later, it arrives - Mmmmm, so good! I'm a pho fan, but I think I've found my new food crush. The soup was very rich, tasty & flavorful. I could taste the culture & history that comes in every bowl. I love the fact that ramen can be made with different ingredients. I desperately want to try ramen with cod roe & pigs ears during my next visit. Other toppings include spicy miso & various cuts of meat. In addition, the toppings are served on the side so patrons can share if they want to. I hastily slurped up every last drop of ramen, to heck with my bulging stomach! Why 3.5 & not 4 stars, you say? It's the shouting. At first, greeting & thanking every customer with shouting is cute, novel & part of the charm of dining here, but after the 10th time, it becomes quite annoying. Shin Sen Gumi is loud enough already with customers talking & the pop music playing. The shouting makes dining here a potential migraine-inducing experience. I'm assuming the staff must have sore throats & coarse voices by closing. I know I would. I enjoyed having my first bowl of ramen at the famous Shin Sen Gumi. All the variations of ramen available for me to experiment with has me giddy with anticipation. Can't wait to come back for the cod roe & pig ears Sorry pho, I've found a new love! Highly recommend!
• • •
Nicholas Anderson's profile photo
Nicholas Anderson
8 months ago
I came in here on a weeknight. Right away I noticed the place was pretty busy, I heard chanting coming from the cooking area also. Wow this place has great energy. Ok like the other ramen places I put my name down and after a short wait I was seated. I was right in front of the people making my food I could see how detailed they were in reading the instructions that were placed in front of them, it has a menu similar to The Counter where The Counter it's for burgers here the menu specifies things such as how you want your noodles soft to firm and how salty I believe you want your ramen broth I put everything to the medium setting, then I had to decide on the checkboxes what I wanted to add me to my soup. I really had no idea what to do here thankfully the people next to me were really nice and suggested to add stuff like egg pork and a few other things. Wow I really like the options they have here. As I'm sitting there people are leaving and entering the place and the employees have chants for each, it's really a cool experience. I also got some kinda pork side thing I didn't really know how hungry I was going to be. After a short wait my ramen arrived everything looked perfect. I think I might have gotten a water refill at this point. I had to have the sauces explained to me I think there was a few that I didn't know what they were. After trying Daikokuya first I can tell you honestly I think this place so far is the best ramen I've ever had in Little Tokyo and period. The broth didn't have that milky vibe the Daikokuya place had and everything blended beautifully, I think the pork from Daikokuya is slightly better as far as how it tastes but Shen-Sen-Gumi was actually recommended to me by someone I met at Daikokuya and said they like that place better. I'd agree, although my advice is to try both because the pork at Daikokuya is better. I will definitely go back to this place, it's an amazing experience everyone should go to at least once.
• • •
David Lee's profile photo
David Lee
8 months ago
This is one of the best ramen spots in Los Angeles in my opinion. They serve an excellent pork based ramen and every aspect of the ramen can be customized and tweaked. You can select the oiliness of the broth, the strength of the pork base, firmness of the noodles, toppings, etc. The wait here is usually long around dinner time so I usually come for lunch.
Tim C's profile photo
Tim C
a month ago
As I write this review, I'm remembering that I have been here a few times already. Once by myself, almost immediate seating. Another time with a friend with a short wait time. Each location may be slightly different so what I did like about this one are the different flavor packages. I got the GPK which is garlic chips, pouched egg, and kimchee. Along with a large bottle of Kirin to share definitely hit the noodle spot. That's what happened on the second visit. The most recent visit, I get a call from a friend requesting for late night eats. As the time ticks away, places are closing left and right as 10:00pm or 10:30pm approaches and passes on by. This place keeps on chugging until midnight. A ramen place open until midnight, only a few places does this which is why they are on my list. This time the wait was longer while waiting for two friends to arrive. Next available seating would be best. My name gets called, oh crap, not all here yet. Counter seating was passed up. Another call, not her yet sir, table gets handed out. Once they arrived, the guy comes out like it's right on cue. We get a small table exactly for three. By this time, my eyes get really big. How much bigger can my eyes get, you should have seen them when Alonzo says, let's split the curry set. Waiter, order please... Calpico refills, ramen customized, curry plate, appetizers, I think we need another table just for our stuff. I like my noodles al dente and less salty on the broth and less oil. Nothing but garlic, garlic oil, fresh garlic, garlic chips, what else do you have back there behind the counter? Takoyaki was very good, nicely cooked and sauce was just like how I imagined it. Pouched egg on mine, bean sprouts on theirs, bamboo here, bamboo there, calpico everywhere...then we still have the curry rice to finish. Once I finished my ramen, the waiter asks if I would like to add more noodles. Duuuuuude, I cannot move after devouring the curry rice. Would you like a refill? Yes please. Ha ha, that's all it takes with no arm twisting. I think the employees had to roll us out of this place tonight. In case you did not know as things change, the Office Depot parking lot is for this ramen place and the business next door with validations available. So don't forget to ask.
• • •
Tiffany Duong's profile photo
Tiffany Duong
6 months ago
Customizable ramen! HELLO! At Shin-Sen-Gumi, you can customize how oily, how rich, and how big you want your ramen. You can specify how al dente your noodles should be, and just about a million mix ins exist to make your *perfect* ramen bowl. On top of that, the broth is RIDICULOUS good. So so rich, you taste the hours of boiling bones to get that flavor. I usually opt for a 1/2 order (which is a great option) and then get some of their other foods too. Broth is way better than Daikokuya. If you're down to try other things, get the cheese egg-rolls. These are a tokyo street food, and so insanely delish! Like all the Shin-Sen-Gumi chains, they greet you loudly, and cheers with you whenever you order a pitcher of beer (aka, every time I come in). They make it fun, delicious, and awesome. Solid food and dining experience!
• • •
Victor J Garza's profile photo
Victor J Garza
8 months ago
This Ramen joint is good, but not great. Not great when you consider the other options available to you around the Little Tokyo area alone. Daikokuya is fantastic and Men-oh ramen is second to Daikokuya in my opinion. Now, Shin-Sen-Gumi is not bad, you have plenty of options to customize your ramen experience and the environment is great, great place to take your family if they happen to be visiting and you want to introduce them to the ramen experience. What I dont like about this place is the noddles themselves, not my favorite, and the broth is just ok. If i had to rate it, its my 3rd favorite ramen place in LA.
• • •
Christine Tran's profile photo
Christine Tran
11 months ago
I do like that you can customize your bowl of ramen. From the texture of the noodles to the broth, and even add all kinds of toppings. I keep mine simple with the hard noodles, thick broth, egg, and char siu. The noodles they use here are too thin for my liking. I prefer thick noodles like the ones at Tsujita or Yamadaya. There's always a wait but they tend to flip tables fairly quickly. Service: Quick and attentive.