Clearlake Police Department
Police Department
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14050 Olympic Dr Clearlake, CA 95422
14050 Olympic DriveUSCaliforniaClearlake95422
Police Department
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John Moose
a month ago
Terrible, horrible, dishonorable. The police department hires officers fresh out of the Police Academy; every three to six months there are (gangs of) police rookies ready to screw up our socially and economically struggling city. These officers do not understand The (US or California) Constitution and often will profile non-white citizens 1st and poor citizens of all ethnicities 2nd (black, Mexican, white). Then IF the police feel inclined to, they might do some police work, but only because the department knows that it has to do some actual work. The state of California has suffered tremendously because EVERY police department in our state has lost the the War on Drugs, but the Clearlake Police department is very neglectful. It chooses not to remove the city's drug dealers, yet has no problem arresting sick-dope addicted citizens and putting them in jail instead of a hospital. The citizens that the police department chooses to target are poor and often helpless, which usually means that these citizens cannot afford attorneys. The city of Clearlake is a prime example of what will happen to California and the rest of the United States if the nation's police departments do not learn how to actually COMBAT DRUGS; instead this police department lets narcotics run rampant through our neighborhoods and schools.
• • •
Dave Page
2 months ago
I only gave a star so that I could review. The avenues are so full of pot, no one can breath! This city only enforces what they are NOT AFRAID to...
Ava Woodvine
a year ago
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Tina G.'s profile photo
Tina G.
a month ago
I give these so called cracker jack cops 1 star just so i can post this review. They are rude, unjust, racist, totally corrupt, & discriminate against anyone who has a record regardless of the positive changes they have made. Recently clk pd illegally evicted me from my home (not the owner)without letting me take any of my personal effects, then gave it to the man who took claims to the house without seeing any legal paperwork or documents from him. If thats not bad enough, the clk pd gave the man permission to keep all mine & my sons belongings, which he has done, sold some, donated some,& thrown things away. Clk PD wont let me file any kind of stolen/missing property reports either. Im unable to receive any help from our law enforcement bc of my past, whixh they have verbally stated, & told me its a civil matter, but when that man calls them, they drop everything to assist. Crooked ass cops that have no moral integrity & have no plans of cleaning up this community when they are the ones hindering any positive growth or change. These Pathetic men who wear a uniform just for a power trip are not ones worthy of respect are: Sgt. Rodd Joseph, officer Franklin, That short fat bald cop with a fucked up name, ....all of you should be ashamed of yourselves because all you had to do was handle things in a legal & courteous manner but instead...I am having to do what you couldnt & therefore your names, reputation, & paychecks all will be docked. Hope it was worth it. I will see all you lames in court! To think i tried to save your sons life Sgt joseph & youre still a crooked ass ungrateful pig!...
• • •
James Davis's profile photo
James Davis
a year ago
wow crack smokin neighbors on three sides, wake me up in the middle of the night for a week straight. My wife and I both work. These dopers suck. at lunch they are less than 5 feet form my front door buying dope/narcos. I call to get some info, and I can't even talk to a person. I pay my taxes,CLPD, I want some help. I feel threatened end I cant even talk to an officer unless I call 911! WTF!
A Google User
4 years ago