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When I was in elementary school, I made friends with an older woman in my neighborhood. Pat had a cute little dog named Goochie, her house was full of curiosities that any young child would marvel at, she would happily give you one of the amazing-smelling r...

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Recognized by LinkedIn
LinkedIn chose me to be on their first "Next Wave" list of professionals 35 & under—I was in the top 10 for software (you can read more here ). I don't really know how they came upon my name and chose me, but it was definitely an exciting day with a lot of ...

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I'm Launching a Nonprofit Called Techtonica
I finally publicly announced the reason I've been so busy for the last while . . . I'm launching a nonprofit! Techtonica offers low-income women and non-binary adults free tech training, along with living and childcare stipends, then places them in position...

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Fogust in San Francisco
I remember wearing sandals and having a couple of warm weeks in August last year, but this "Fogust," Karl the Fog hasn't had many vacation days. Of course, when offices are kept cold enough to turn your hands blue and send you in search of USB-heated gloves...

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With the help of FaceTime and my sister Heidi, Michael and I were able to pick hip glasses. This is Michael's first pair ever, and this is my first everyday prescription pair 10 years after Lasik. I haven't been able to find contacts that my post-Lasik eyes...

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Adventures in Humane Mouse Capture
A couple of weeks ago, I discovered mouse poop in our cupboard. We'd found poop before and blocked the hole in the back of the cupboard, but apparently that wasn't enough this time. A few days later, I went to bed early (which is a clear recipe for Michael ...

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It has been a very busy few months. Here are a few simple things that have brought me great joy and tranquility: Biking with Michael is one of the best things in my life. Each morning after plenty of snuggling, we get dressed and hop on our bikes to fly dow...

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Edgy Haircut
So apparently I'm updated now. I signed up to get my hair cut at Sassoon Academy, because ever since I had my mom cut off ~12 inches earlier this year, I've felt like I didn't know what to do with my hair and that maybe they could help me figure something o...

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Valentine's Day 2016
I finally made the Irish brown bread recipe that we got in Ireland, even though I was unsure if the linseed/flaxseed should be whole or ground. Turns out the ground flaxseed from Trader Joe's worked just fine. Also, I just made educated guesses about the am...

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Ireland 2015
Since Michael had to make a two-day
trip to London for an alumni leadership summit and I was badly in need
of a vacation, we decided that I'd go along and we'd visit Ireland for a
week. One of the few things I enjoy about flying is that I can watch clean...
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