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Uhh...Can't wait to play this! You're killing me! >_>
Come on and allow Steam users to download early.
Got it pre-ordered for the weapons of fate pack but got a review copy in today so can't wait to get cracking tonight :D
I hope the Steam version comes with the weapons, I wont be happy if it doesn't.. :/
4 days....Can't wait!
Man - I should have taken tomorrow off work so I could stay up late and play at midnight. Actually...I kind of feel a cold coming on...
I have this game pre-ordered and ready to pick up!
Hopefully it unlocks at 12:00am tonight! :D
Got the pre-load finished on Steam. Just patiently waiting now.
Hey does anyone know how to copy a saved game from one computer to another?
Game is Amazing so far! I got caught stealing in Gohart though, and now the guards won't stop trying to kill me.... How do i fix this or can I never safely return to Gohart again?
I did it too, i killed them all (i mean all)then left for a day (you know sleep for 24 hours at a bed) and when u go back its all fine.
Loving the game so far - I have never had this much fun playing a mage in any game before (and I always play a mage in every fantasy game). I really wish gnomes were a playable race.
I was hoping for gnomes to be playable too, maybe a dlc or next game?
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