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Programming is a meditation for me. I like to walk, hike and stop to have a good bite and drink.
Programming is a meditation for me. I like to walk, hike and stop to have a good bite and drink.

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What a day in beautiful Sarajevo.

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Love this new expert designed at-home, bodyweight workout!
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For anyone who was at the Dart Summit and saw my lightning talk, here's the Pub package:

For everyone who wasn't at the summit, Targets is an assignment manager and autograder intended for high school CS classes. It's written in Dart, but it can be used for assignments in any language (I'm currently working with the CS teacher at my former high school to use it for the AP Java class next year).

If you want to try a sample assignment, I just released a draft of a new one that has students build a simulator of the M3 Enigma machine and then try to break it under certain conditions. The code is on GitHub here: and you can download it with Targets with the command "targets get dart-targets/enigma/dart"

I'm also working on porting this sample to Java and Python, since they're both commonly used for teaching, while there aren't any classes that teach in Dart that I know of (yet).

My goal with the Enigma sample is to demonstrate use of Targets in multiple languages as well as with different levels of scaffolding in templates (Part 1 where you build Enigma is very structured with a lot of skeleton code, while Part 2 where you break Enigma is very open ended with minimal skeleton code).

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, of if you're a high school CS teacher who would be interested in using Targets in your class.

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Hello Dart is a playful introduction to programming with Dart. In 5 tutorial parts you learn about loops, conditionals, variables, functions, and more.

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Two of my projects that I have been working on recently: boarding and dartling.

boarding is a package for board games and canvas drawings.
dartling is a model-driven data framework for design, code generation and use of Dart models.

My collection about the Dart programming language and its libraries and tools.

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+Gilad Bracha 

In a small example the use of a similar mixin works fine. However, in a large project, there is a problem without an error message and the exit code different from 0.

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If you wants charts for your #dartlang  app, checkout the Charted package, used by the Ads team at Google.

I just sent in two pull requests to the Charted package. I must say that I had seen the package before, but at the same time missed it because the README did not catch my eyes enough to really download and try it out.

Talking to +Ferhat Buyukkokten at the Dart Summit was a bit of an eye opener I must say. I downloaded the package today and it's very nice! It even provides a sleek demo so you can try out the different charts without even writing a single line of code. However, the README does not mention this, and the examples was in the web directory instead of the example dir. So that's what my 2 pull requests hope to fix.

Here is a link to the README with instructions (and screenshot) how to get started (note, for the current version of charted (before my pull request) skip "example" after pub run since they currently live in the web dir):

Pull requests:
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