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Troy Aaron Ratliff
Writer, Artist, Photographer, Lover. It's fo reals, yo!
Writer, Artist, Photographer, Lover. It's fo reals, yo!


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My follow up version. Seemed like a good day to post this. #WorkInProgress #BillyJoel

George Bush, Berlin Wall, Vanna White, Jeri Hall
Gorbachev, Schwartzenegger, riots in LA

Gulf War, Nintendo, Michael Jackson, Ross Perot
Rodney King, Internet, Timothy Mcveigh

Music break

Pixar, Shindlers List, Bosnia, Newt Gingrich
Boris Yeltsin, Michael Jordan, Yasser Arafat

Gaza Strip, Forrest Gump, Cloned Sheep, Donald Trump
Janet Reno, Waco Texas, Trouble in Kuwait


Fast Food, DNA, Bill Clinton,
Windows, Hip Hop, WhiteWater, Grunge Rock

Kosovo, Sandra Day, OJ Simpson, eBay
Hale-Bopp, Jacques Chirac, Notorious and Tupac

Y2K, Millennials, Harry Potter Mania
PlayStation, Burning Man, Napster and 4Chan

Mark McGuire, Eminem, 9/11, Bush again
War on Terror, Climate change, bin Ladin's in Afghanistan.


Facebook, Obesity, Steve Jobs, tsunamis
Kashmir, Levies break, you need a Smart Phone

Kanye West, Dicaprio, Benazir Bhutto
Market Crash, dollar drops, no more Home Loans!

Geek Chic, Obama's Rise, Hadron, Drones Fly
Marijuana, Purple Lean, Miley Cyrus, Charlie Sheen

Mars Landing, Trump is Back, Banksy, Ukraine attack
Bernie Sanders, Syria, Gun Control hysteria!

(Chorus) x2

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Too perfect

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I Simpsonized myself for the new year. I feel like I'd be friends with Otto.

#TheSimpsons #mattgroening #EverySimpsonsEver

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To feed your creepy side

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Get the Almanac in 2015
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