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Kristin Shannon (My Life Caffeinated)

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Thankful Thursday: Rooftop Nights
As the weather starts to change from winter to spring, teasing us of the summer that's to come, I am reminded of the serene nights on my apartment rooftop. One way I like to wind down after a crazy week is to head to the rooftop at my apartment and watch th...

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Want to get out of your typical weekend routine? Go on a Northeast Minneapolis Brewery tour! Minneapolis has several great breweries to offer. 

Check out my post on which ones I went to yesterday to find which ones may fit your tastes best!

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Northeast Minneapolis Brewery Tour
Minneapolis, MN has much to offer the tourist as well as the local. Yesterday, I created my own Northeast Minneapolis brewery tour and took my family along for the ride. Northeast Minneapolis has a plethora of wonderful breweries. The culture of Northeast M...

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Facebook Relationship Status: Complicated
How do you live life in your mid-20's without having a complicated relationship status? Whether you meet someone out at a bar, for example Uptown Tavern on a Saturday night, or you spend your nights swiping right or left while watching the Bachelor. The rel...

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Life is a collections of moments. Moments that pass us by all too quickly. Typically, our eyes are blinded to the beauty of a simple moment. If we choose to change our perception, we can truly live in the beauty of this world. 

Thankfulness overflows as we not only see, but also hunt for the gifts the world provides. Releasing yourself to the present moment to find the gifts of this world allows for liberation. Allowing ourselves to live fully in the moments that make up a life.

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Thankful Thursday: Simple Gratitude
Gratitude in the simple moments. As life tends to carry us in it's busyness, it's our job to open our blind eyes to see the beauty in a simple moment. Life is comprised of a collection of moments. These moments are an opportunity to see the intricacies of t...

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Frees the soul
Gives life
Unites nations
Changes the world
Cherishes everyone

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Reignited Love for Life
Tonight I heard a song I haven't heard in a while and it reignited something within me that was buried a little deeper than I realized. I love the way that music has the power to dig up old feelings that you forgot you had. What was the reignition within me...

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We are all constantly under the control of time. Whether it means we are rushing to make deadlines at work, running errands before kid's activity schedules or get frustrated that traffic is taking too long.

I am guilty of letting time control my life. The busyness somehow makes it seem we are living a fulfilling and exciting life, but is this really true? 

As I am learning the art of gratitude in all things, my intent is to learn how to not gain more time, but to have enough time. Learning to slow down time and take a moment to really live in this present moment to be thankful for the intricacies of this life.
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