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This is how McDonald’s makes its french fries

Few snack foods can beat that perfectly crispy, yet oh-so-satisfying Mickey D’s fry.
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Agent: Tiger's tooth knocked out by camera

Tiger Woods has another reason not to like cameras -- it cost him a tooth.
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What The Color Of Your Car Says About You

Detroit (AFP) - The next time you buy a car, you might want to pause a while longer to decide what color you choose.
Top automakers throw millions of dollars at researching what the latest tastes are, and say the color of a vehicle is so important to customers that it can be the difference between buying or not.
The ongoing auto show in Detroit saw many of the classic colors -- reds for Porsches and other sports cars -- and a few less...
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Six questions for your insurance agent

Make sure you know what’s being covered.
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Video: ‘American Sniper’ Star Bradley Cooper Speaks to Texas Audience — Including Glenn Beck — Before Movie Premiere

“All we tried to do was just tell Chris’ story and be as truthful as we possibly could.”
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Google expects public in driverless cars in 2 to 5 years

Leave the driving to them.
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Disappointed Manning: 'Processing my future'

Less than an hour after a crushing 24-13 loss to the Colts that shattered another season's worth of Super Bowl dreams for the Broncos, quarterback Peyton Manning was still sorting through what happened in those shocking four quarters.
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Ex-Dolphins FB said to swim 9 miles after fall

Rob Konrad, a former six-year Miami Dolphins fullback, survived a boating accident in the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday night by swimming nine miles to shore, the Coast Guard said.
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Disney World: Secrets of the Be Our Guest Restaurant

See how Walt Disney Imagineering brought the New Fantasyland restaurant to life!

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Hawaii's coolest uses of pineapple

Find innovative implementations of pineapple in dishes and drinks throughout the state.

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