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Based on a true story. #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney #MakeItEasy
MAKE IT EASY: For Customers To Pay aka #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney  

Let's go over some suggestions for reducing client frustration during what is one of the most stress inducing moments for customers ... when they take out their checkbook.

#MakeItEasy  - A series of marketing blog posts by +Chris Lonergan  focused on improving customer satisfaction through simplification.

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Not like sleepy time NAP. Like tracking references to your company throughout the internet for optimal ranking NAP. 
Has your business ever changed its NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)? Your web site ranking may suffer if your NAP doesn't match.

Check out our latest infographic by +Chris Lonergan for a visual guide to your NAP, including tips for getting NAP matches.

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The most expensive of these marketing tactics is 28¢ per household. Seriously. 
Want to get more leads on the cheap? +Chris Lonergan has three marketing ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg.

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A fun infographic I designed to explain our process for building websites for new clients at +Footbridge Media, built with the assistance of +Anthony Lee.  

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Now you've got leads, but what do you do with them? Nurture those leads so they grow into great repeat clients!

Alright #TeamUSA! Nice win over the Russians, and a fun game to follow. 

Watching an episode of West Wing from 1999, and it's amazing how right they got it...though this may take more than two decades to iron out.

"The next two decades are going to be privacy. I'm talking about the Internet. I'm talking about cell phones. I'm talking about health records and who's gay and who's not. And moreover, in a country born on the will to be free, what could be more fundamental than this?"

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I'm interested to see how these algorithm changes will play out over the coming weeks. 
We touched on it yesterday, but our latest blog post takes a deeper look at Facebook's recent news feed tweaks. +Chris Lonergan talks about how these changes will affect your Facebook Page activity and what you should do for better reach and visibility.

I think 2014 is going to be a good year...I just plugged in a USB cable the right way on the first try.

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