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Update on the new Porta Pro cable
A while ago I changed the cable on my Koss Porta Pro to a new one bought off ebay. You can read about this in my previous blog post. It seemed like a reasonable cable although not the sturdiest. However, considering the original cable lasted me around two-t...

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Koss Porta Pro cable replacement guide
My second pair of headphones, the Koss Porta Pro, has served me well the last couple of years and I am surprised at how well they have withstood all the abuse they have been put through. I used them when I was sanding the Oy cabinets. I had them with me on ...

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Experimenting with a quieter power source for the MiniDSP
As exams are approaching I find myself spending more and more time by my desk with faint background music on as I study. As I lean forward over my books my head comes within 40-50cm from the speaker drivers so any noise will be very audible. I have been run...

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The components for ten O2+ODAC combos have arrived
Earlier this week I went to pick up the package containing everything I need for the ten O2+ODAC headphone amplifier combos that I am going to build. It was heavier than I thought it would be but then I remember that the power adapters and the cases do have...

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Will be ready to sell O2+ODAC combos in Sweden within a week or two
I have good news for my Swedish readers. I just placed an order on ten O2+ODAC kits and I'm hoping I will get them by the beginning of next week and I'm hoping to build at least one or two before going on holiday over easter. If you want to buy just an O2 a...

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Planning to start selling O2+ODAC headphone amplifier + dac combos again
Hello dear readers, A while ago I had a service where I would build O2+ODAC combos for people for a small fee. I quit that partially because I felt I wasn't paid enough and because I didn't feel like I had the time. However I will be getting more free time ...

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One year later...
As it turns out it is one year since I last wrote something on this blog. On year may not seem so long for some of you out there and I can totally understand that. Even when I was in school, one year would just fly by with only a few major happenings throug...

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AKG K490 NC short review and pictures!
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