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Jungle advancement
The improvements to jungle stage are taking place indeed, and we held another developer meeting to check up on how we are advancing and what should still be done. We held the meeting at the workplace of two of our team members, and the game looked quite stu...

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Jungle experiments and yesterday's daily #scrum
Let's be honest: the development of Back From Afar has been pretty much dormant this summer but things are definitely changing. The last few weeks have been quite hot on Finnish standards so yesterday we had a small daily scrum meeting on our Flowdock group...

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Back From Afar v. 1.0 release on Android
We had a meeting on April 17th where we discussed about what it's been like to make our first game. All of us have had a positive experience and we've learned a lot during the process. Some things that were mentioned was for example about gaining courage to...

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Of the Story
I've always been interested in games. At first it was merely playing them,  but when I was faced with the question of what I wanted to do with my life, the idea of being involved in the making of games popped up. Thus, when I heard about Game Club, I was mo...

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Original game concept: Afar
We've come very far from the initial concept so I decided to tell you guys something about the origins of Back From Afar! It all started from our collective decision to make a simple game design. We split into teams and tossed some ideas around for a week a...

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Dev post: Hybrid's point of view
I had always wanted to try making games, but for some reason I never got started on my own. Studying on my own is so difficult without the pressure of a group. So when I saw the invite for "everyone, even those that have not made games before" on Expa's fro...
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