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Tim Smits
Associate professor in persuasion and marketing communication @ KU Leuven
Associate professor in persuasion and marketing communication @ KU Leuven

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Openness initiative for reviewers - an editorial discussion
One of my former mentors, Gert Storms , a KU Leuven professor in psycholinguistics, sent me this information. Caring about scientific scrutiny, he committed to the Peer Reviewers' Openness Initiative . Following up on that commitment, he recently asked for ...

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A blogpost on science ethics and methodology versus science L

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Science first, communication second. A prequel to the Food and Brand Lab episode
The Food and Brand Lab  at Cornell University, led by Brian Wansink ( @BrianWansink ) caused quite some academic turmoil these recent weeks. This contrasts sharply with the media turmoil usually generated by this lab's research. A series of academic social ...

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Thanks to @therealdonaldtrump this ad became a political statement
Budweiser's 2017 Superbowl ad tells the tale of how a German immigrant (Adolphus Busch) struggled into New Orleans, but then lived his dream when he partnered with Eberhard Anheuser to start brewing Budweiser. (See also the Wikipedia history of Anheuser-Bus...

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De keerzijde van social proof als overtuigingstechniek: De Samsung Bridge of Life
This Dutch blog post appeared earlier as an article of mine in Tijdschrift voor Marketing (July 2015). See The Bridge of Life Strategic
Blindness . Sommige strategische
overtuigingstechnieken zijn goed ingeburgerd bij reclamemakers. Het ...

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Empty pledges on food websites targeting children. A persuasive mark study.
Food manufacturers worldwide have typically adopted self-regulation when it concerns their targeting of children. In the EU, this resulted in the EU pledge that has seen some changes and more strict regulations in recent years. These more recent versions al...

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The drama in programmatic online advertising
In times of adversity, online advertising routines
fail. Drastically The above example of an inappropriate display ad is just one in a range of similar advertising anomalies following the crash of
Germanwings flight 4U9525 in March 2015. In the hours and da...

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Happy Birthday, New Coke (°March 23, 1985)
Tuesday April 23rd of 1985 the Coca-Cola Company launched New Coke . This still remains one of the major cases in the marketing literature. It often ranks first in all-time lists of marketing fails (such as on marketwired , or in Matt Haig's book Brand Fail...

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How credibility spoiled this mini-lecture on statistics
In a recent reply to one of our commentaries ( Smits et al., 2015 ), Domenic Cicchetti gave an interesting mini-lecture on effect sizes, power, and sample sizes. You'll find it here . Though interesting in itself, it is a pity that the full scope of his con...
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