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Was daily print journalist 17 years. Now in PR.
Was daily print journalist 17 years. Now in PR.

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Hey, +Red Bull  Did you manufacture the controversy with Daniel Ricciardo? After all, the team was warned many times during the race about fuel loads, yet persisted to ignore them. End result is your brand receives ongoing publicity, all the while knowing Ricciardo has the potential to overcome one "blip". And why does the world champ's car perform so badly, when the newcomer's doesn't? Sounds suss to me.

Tomorrow's Sunday Times interviews a man wrongly locked up in a #Perth mental institution for four weeks.

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Media freedom not so widespread. Too many red and black areas for my liking. Australia 26th!

Got caught up in the death of a young competitor at this week's national surf life saving titles on the Gold Coast. As a competitor I was asked to do several interviews, Radio 2GB and The Brisbane Sunday Mail (tomorrow). Channel 10 asked me to do a live cross but I would have had to do it between 3-6am.

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Not this old, JP, but bemoaning, nonetheless. Also trying to spend less time on social mdia, but I'm not old enough to ignore it (damn).
I'm a lifelong journalist, like many of us bemoaning what's become of print journalism, my specialty -- sort of like being an expert buggy-whip maker. Ain't much call for my services these days, but that's OK. I just retired from all my jobs on the first of the year, at age 73. That's enough for me.
Let others now try to make sense of this new age of instant communications and social networking, which already are creating a brave new world in places like the Mideast. I choose to stay at home, listen to jazz, and look for the humor in politics, of which there is plenty in this election year. And I don't expect to spend a lot of time here. I only visit Facebook about once a week, and that's more than enough for me.

Disappointing ads for the Australian #Navy. They don't show the on-board sex, among other things. Food looks good, though.

I'm no Rudd fan but Simon Crean shouldn't lecture Kevin Rudd about disloyalty. How about all those pricks that voted Rudd out?

I gave leads via Twitter to the Perth media about an extrordinary sporting feat: a man swimming the 20km between Perth and Rottnest Island ... for the 25th time. Also, given all the articles on sharks at present, I'd have thought this would have been news. Nup. No one reported it. Verdit: Perth media wouldn't know what a good story is.

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I love this headline.

Peter Tanham has just completed his 25th solo swim to Rottnest. The 50-something-year-old took 4hr 52min, which was "up there with my best times". He left with a slap of sunscreen from wife Christine from Leighton Beach at 5.10 this morning. Peter, of Doubleview, reports he was stung a few times in the first hour, then it was smooth swimming all the way, with a strong easterly pushing him along. "I didn't see any marine life until I got to the bay," he said. Peter has swum to Rottnest more times than ayone else. I believe the nearest to him is Barbara Pellick, with 22 or 23 swims. He reckon he's now retired, although will be at training ("not doing many laps") at Challenge Pool tomorrow morining (5.30am) for the Australian Masters surf life saving titles in March.
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