My weekly submission to #2012project52 curated by +Giuseppe Basile and +Kate Church with some amazing moderators as well. This week's theme is #symmetry . The Salk institute in San Diego has some mind blowing architecture. The institute is housed in a complex designed by the firm of Louis Kahn. Michael Duff of the Kahn firm was the supervising architect and a major design influence on the structure that consists of two symmetric buildings with a stream of water flowing in the middle of a courtyard that separates the two.The institute is closed on weekends, but I didn't know that ;) The security guard was kind enough to let me take a shot during sunset. In the end, this is the shot I got. I'll probably go back here soon. The place has a very ethereal feel to it.

How was this shot taken:

I used an ultra wide angle lens to create a sense of depth in the image. Also, I waited until the sun was behind the buildings to the right so that I would get a cleaner sky. 3 exposures -2, 0, +2 with the base exposure at 1/13s were taken in quick succession.

How was this shot processed:
I used #Photomatix to tonemap the images after color correcting each individual image in #lightroom4 . Then, I blended the three exposures and the tone mapped image in Photoshop CS5. I used luminosity masks, gradients and curves to get the contrasts and tones balanced.

#tonemaphdrtuesday , #multipleexposuremonday , #plusphotoextract curated by +Jarek Klimek , #architexturetuesday , #architecturalvisions , #exposedphoto
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