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quick status update as to why I have been so quiet the past few weeks
I have been very quiet lately as I passed out at 3:30 PM on Tuesday, October 8th and hit the back of my head hard when I fell and then passed out again at 5 AM on Wednesday, October 9th and hit the front of my head and face h...
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I am combining my life-long interest in American History (including oral histories) and my love of digital scrapbooking into a labor of love as I put together an autobiography of my best friend's Dad.
My original hope/dream/goal when I took a year off to work after getting my B.A. was to return to UCONN to get first a Masters and then eventually in a Ph.D. in Archival Studies.   However, as Robert Burns said "The best-lai...
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This is a follow-up on a guest post on my blog on March 12, 2013.    The post was about Mesothelioma (a deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos).   Today is Mesothelioma awareness day.    If you can, please check out today, learn how easy it still is to be exposed to asbestos and use the links to share this information with your family, friends and follows on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.  "If more people know about how many ways we can be exposed to asbestos, hopefully in the future, fewer people will be exposed to it and Mesothelioma diagnoses will become more and more uncommon."

Thank you.
On Tuesday, March 12, 2013, I posted a guest post from a caregiver (Cameron), titled "Being a Caregiver Transformed my Life."   The post was about his wife, Heather's, journey with mesothelioma.  Today is Mesothelioma Awarene...
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forgetting faces and names, needing a quiet place, swallowing issues
I just read Howard's post for today (FTD Memory and Choking) and he again brought up something, actually two issues, that I am dealing with. Remembering people's faces has never been my strong point and it is definitely getti...
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keeping score while playing cards helps a bit with badly slipping math skills
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A shout out to two other dementia blogs by high functioning folks with dementia, including how the words of one very much resonated with what I am experiencing.
Today is a shout out to two dementia blogs that I have been reading for awhile.   Both are from other high functioning people with dementia. Howard's post at rais...
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I am between desktops at the moment
I have been silent the last few days as I have been waiting to be on my new desktop before doing another post but I just noticed I have not posted since Sunday so wanted too leave a quick note. My old "upgraded over time out ...
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Remembering my favorite songs and poems in scrapbooks
Back in 2002, I went into a nursing home for a few years as after my initial diagnosis, my neurologist basically said I should just give up all hope as there was nothing that could be done for me and I was just going to get w...
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This is a guest post by a nurse at  It contains very basic data for those who are caretakers of someone with dementia.
Today's guest post is by Tammy Mahan who is a Nurse at    They are on Facebook at   The article was submitted to me by Tracy from Tips for Improvin...
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just a post to reinforce the habit of trying to post almost daily - but much too sleep deprived today to make much sense ...
If I am going to keep this blog up, I need to maintain the discipline of posting something almost every day. I didn't yesterday as I had had less than two hours of sleep (broken up in bits and pieces).     This morning, I had...
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less advance preparation and more walking into walls
I used to start to prepare several months before a doctor's appointment by starting a word document that I could use to jot down notes as things occurred to me to discuss with the doctor.    I have an appointment with my PCP ...
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Completely lost memories
A friend that I have known for over 16 years, recently told me she is glad that I still remember her and her husband. While I will admit that I have forgotten some people in my life (either someone mentions a name or I find s...
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I love clean humor, scifi, fantasy and history.
I was diagnosed with early onset dementia.  It has slowed me down some as I can no longer drive, etc. but it has not changed my love of gadgets or reading (best when combined: I love my Kindles) or scifi/fantasy or history or all sorts of clean humor.  

When not reading books (hard copy or ebooks), I am often reading blogs or listening to podcasts and or hanging out on Second Life playing  Tiny Empires.

These are all part of the ways that I strive every day to keep my brain active to slow down the progression of the dementia so that I can continue to engage in many of the activities I enjoy for as long as possible.

I have two blogs: (life as a "high functioning" dementia patient) which is based on the many things that interest me including books and blogs I read, podcasts I listen to, games I play and gadgets I use or am intrigued by.
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