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Anyone know how to change the font size of an equation in google docs?  (Preferably without using a third party equation editor)

Dear Google+

My students and I are ALREADY signed up for Google+.  A student sent me a message via "Messenger."  My email is telling me to get Google+ on my phone in order to respond to the message.  I want to read and respond using Google+ on my computer.  I don't like being required to sign up for something in order to respond.

And furthermore, don't load a "find your friends" page when I want to reload my Google+ page.  I'll find my friends when I damn well please.

Rant over.....

Attn any I-Poly Juniors,

Thanks for adding me to your circles.  You also need to add me using my other email, the one with the .2012 added to it.  I am about ready to send out House lists and you don't want to miss them...

Attn everyone else,

This is the last reminder I'm sending out so you don't have to uncircle me.  In 6 days I'll be able to nag them...  I mean remind them in person.

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Hello circles,

If you are a Junior at I-Poly, thanks for adding me to your circles.  You also need to add my evil twin using the email I gave you.  (Post a comment if you need it again.)  I will be posting boring stuff for math teachers here, which you are welcome to read.  But I will be posting important announcements on my other profile.  

BTW  School starts in 1 month.  And since I know you are as excited as I am I made a countdown timer...

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This looks like a great project.  They want to tag and organize all of the great educational content that is available online!  Which is quite an ambitious goal.  So they need people to help.

If you want to help fill out this survey

They need coders, social networkers, and taggers....  (Please leave the spray paint at home.)
The Learning Registry: Helping educators find the right stuff

There are countless repositories of high-quality content available to teachers, but it is still nearly impossible to find content to use with a particular lesson plan for a particular grade aligned to particular standards. That's where the Department of Education's new Learning Registry comes in. (By +Marie Bjerede)

Read the full post:

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Have to share this with my students.

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Lot of potential math problems here....
Quite something... 5 men stand at Ground Zero as a nuclear-tipped missile explodes 10000 feet above them.

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Someone else telling you where you can't link. BTW the company attempting this is Guardlex their website is at

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Coolest web page I've seen all summer!

BTW "Please do not use the map or its data to fly a plane, sail a boat, or fight wildfires :-) "
This is a neat site for seeing wind flow
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