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Halloween Town
Come With Us and You Will See.. This Our Town of Halloween!
Come With Us and You Will See.. This Our Town of Halloween!


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Happy Halloween #HalloweenTown  

And here is a festive album filled with some #Halloween  monsters care of the #StyleItMP14  challenge!  Have a great Halloween and some fun trick or treating! 

#Halloween   #StyleItMP14   Challenge 5 Prometheus Portraiture HALLOWEEN FINALE! 

oh and +Halloween Town with myself +Brad Buckmaster +Sonia Kalčić and +Tom McGowan and +Gene Bower  

What you see before you in this album is the hard and brilliant work of the  Style It! Masterpiece Project members for the last 6 + weeks!  They were given a challenge thrown down Sept 1 to utilize the following theme and tech to MAKE SOME MONSTERS:

Theme: Prometheus Portraiture
Tech/Practical: Makeup (prosthetic application)

So each community member had to create some sort of ‘creature’ portrait and make sure to include some sort of prosthetic in the final makeup and shot.  By prosthetic they could do almost anything.. but the catch was there had to be at least ONE item in the makeup that was ‘attached’  in some way utilizing a variety of techniques including adhesive. I.e, they couldn’t just paint a face!  Examples of prosthetics they could use included ‘contacts’, scars, cuts,  nose pieces, even fake eyelashes and much more! 

These hands-on and crafty ‘challenges’ or our most difficult level of challenges, in the project, and seem to put FEAR in even the most intrepid photographers and tech savvy G+’ers, but THIS group pushed through and got some fantastic end results! The mind blowing part is that many of the photographers who finished and made it into the album never even applied make up before or knew how to use a prosthetic. They dug deep and LEARNED a brand new skill to tuck away in their tool belt for the future. BRAVO! AND CONGRATS to everyone who finished! WELL DONE!

So without further ado…please  click-through this album and enjoy this monster mash of  super festive and brilliant Style It creatures...Look at how they interpreted the tech and the clever uses of prosthetics.. you will see elves,  cyborgs, angels, fairies, and  even FRANKENSTEINS! 

If you love a GOOD challenge and want to grow your skill set and play and compete with some of the best photographers on G+ join our community! Our 6th challenge goes out this weekend and is going to be a BLAST!

Mwhahahahhahah! Happy Halloween! 


#StyleIt Mod

#HalloweenPhotography   #Monsters   #Makeup   #StyleIt   #Halloween2014   #HappyHalloween   #FunFriday   #fantasy   #Frankenstein   #Maleficent   #gothicphotography   #selfy   #portraiture   #portraitphotography  
Style It Challenge #5: Prometheus Portraiture
22 Photos - View album
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Kreepy Kremes by +lane langmade for #HalloweenTown  
Kreepy Kremes
Happy Halloween MORNING #HalloweenTown !!!! (+Halloween Town) for myself +Brad Buckmaster, +Michael Albrecht and +Sonia Kalčić 

 this also goes out to the fun crew of #coffeethursday  for +Jason Kowing +Maki Silberberg +Stuart Dyckhoff and +Sairam Sundaresan 
And lets not forget the food folks at #FoodFriday  with +Moon Lee +D. DeMonteverde 
Halloween Breakfast and Coffee 
This is also how we do it, in our house on Halloween morning.. just the beginning of the holiday fun.!
Have some spiced pumpkin late and some Kreepy Kremes! 
Front: chocolate with Halloween sprinkles
Back: Pumpkin Spice
Right (camera): pumpkin cheesecake! 

#HappyHalloween   #Halloween   #Halloween2013  
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"El Día" –– Los Muertos están viniendo!
Yesterday was one hell of a day for me and, you know what they say, "pics or it didn't happen!" Just kidding ... ;o7. For those that celebrate, have a great Hallowe'en or Día de Los Muertos (they are not the same thing; do you know the difference? ––> It also happens to be the birthdays of +Billy Wilson and +Rachel Ferris ... though, they are a WHOLE LOT better looking than my calaveras friends here ... happy birthday you two! ... ;o)


#HalloweenTown with thanks to +lane langmade +Brad Buckmaster +Sonia Kalčić +Michael Albrecht and +Halloween Town 
#TextureBlendPhotography with thanks to +Gemma Costa and +Texture Blend Photography 

#rgwoodpost #dayofthedead #skeletons #creativephotos #Halloween #Halloween2013 #happyhalloween 
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#StyleItJuneChallenge   June Final and for +Halloween Town  #Halloween2013  
with Myself +Brad Buckmaster +Michael Albrecht and +Sonia Kalčić 

Come out! Come Out!
Wherever you are!
And meet the Young Lady
Who Fell from a Star!
             ~Music by Harold Arlin (THE MASTER!)
At long last I am sharing my #StyleIt   June Challenge which was the theme of SuperHeroes vs. Villains. (I’m tagging some fellow challengers here who worked hard on this challenge right along side me with their own masterpieces, and  asked what happened to my challenge final and why I sat on it instead of putting it in the album (+E.E. Giorgi +Sam Breach +Mark Rodriguez  ) .

Well now you see why--the more I worked this the ‘darker’ it got with heavier the witch and Halloween overtones became, so  I realized it was just much more fitting to share  and would be more welcome during Halloween and the spooky season! 

The challenge was to create a super hero or villain and then the tech component was to use process and image editing to add or create their POWER! SO this is a composite I did.. however.. all the pieces composited, I made by hand. I also did the costume, makeup and that THING or tornado hair piece. It ended up being about 4 feet tall when I had finished building it. 

(I will be sharing the full BTS and workbook after Halloween is over. I’m almost done with my work enslaught and going away to Disneyland for Mickey’s Trick or Treat party and vacay.. so will show all the HOW to when I get back!)

Well clearly I chose villains.. as my subject for this theme.. and I was enamored of this ideas of ‘wicked’ and what makes a villain or turns someone wicked. I imagined a young witch… petulant, alone, exiled and against the world.  I wanted dto see what would happen with powers in the hands of a young witch. But.. I also fell in love with the idea of witches and dtheir power.. Powerful women don’t do well in our history books and have become the villains of our fairytales and legends. 

P.s I plan on doing more work on this.. but Halloween is upon us so I shared what I have.. 

Happy Early Halloween!

I hope you like this!

#wizardofoz   #witch   #wickedwitch   #wicked   #conceptualphotography   #oz   #ozgreatandpowerful   #elfaba   #Halloween  +Halloween Town  #halloweencostume   #overtherainbow  
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Hair Black as Night... by +lane langmade 
for #HalloweenTown  (+Halloween Town)
  #P52BW13  | Project 52 Black and White +Project 52 B&W 
Week 43: Emotion
With +Tisha Craw +Lauri Novak and +Susan Porter 

(this also goes out to +Halloween Town ( #HalloweenTown ) curated by myself and +Brad Buckmaster! #Halloween2013  

Please don't run away.
I won't hurt you.
I'm awfully sorry.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
But you don't know what i've been through!
...And all because i was AFRAID!
 * I'm so ASHAMED of the fuss i've made....*

What do you do when things go wrong?

~With a Smile & a Song  Frank Churchill, the lyrics by Larry Morey


#monochrome   #blackandwhitephotography   #blackandwhite   #snowwhite  
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Morning Monsters for #HalloweenTown  by +lane langmade 
Here's some Boo Berry, Count Chocula and FrankenBerry for your Oct 1st Breakfast! 
Morning Monsters
for #HalloweenTown  with myself +Brad Buckmaster +Michael Albrecht  and +Sonia Kalčić! (Special Oct 1st Edition)
Which one is your favorite? 

No this is not a commercial for General mills or product promotion.. this is how we have breakfast EVERY year on October 1st. I buy all three and each one of the munchkins- i mean monsters gets to pick and eat their favorite! This is how we kick off the season or month of #Halloween fun, custume making, crafts, pumpkin carving, candy eating, trick or treating  and more! 

My favorite when i was a child was BOO Berry!! 

Happy October 1st.. the countdown begins! 

PS they are posing like monsters.. and i got some accidental motion blur on leif.. (who is in hist trick or treat pjs btw) and i left it alone as it added fun or whimsy to the shot. 


#Halloween   #Halloween2013   #fall   #autumn   #October   #October1st   #booberry   #frankenberry   #countchocula   #monsters   #halloweenphotography  +Halloween Town 
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Ghosting by +lane langmade for #HalloweenTown  special October 1st edition with Tree Tuesday! 

#Halloween   #Halloween2013   #october1st  
Ghosting Special October 1st edition of +Halloween Town 

 for +Tree Tuesday curated by +Allan Cabrera +Ralph Mendoza and +Kim Troutman and also for +Halloween Town curated by myself +Brad Buckmaster +Michael Albrecht and +Sonia Kalčić :)

Here is my FIRST share (reshare) on the FIRST day of October for our wonderful #HalloweenTown  and #TreeTuesday  combo theme day!! I took this a while ago from last year i think.. that trail or 'moving trees' look  is the funny after effects created by  multiple exposures  or HDR!! :) 

Happy October 1st! 

#Halloween   #Halloween2013   #trees   #treephotography   #ghosts   #ghosting  
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