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Lapland Letterbox
Santa Claus Official Letterbox service. Perfect Christmas Gift for children
Santa Claus Official Letterbox service. Perfect Christmas Gift for children

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Tonights the night! Make sure you leave your stocking out to be filled, and leave something to eat & drink for me, see you later. Ho Ho Ho

Only 1 night to go so we are all loading up the sleigh with everyones presents and I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon. Ho Ho Ho

Only 2 nights to go, so I am checking that everything is ready for the reindeer so that they will be able to fly easily on the 24th. Ho Ho Ho

On this 3rd night there are presents everywhere! We are still trying to sort everything out for my deliveries, but I'm sure we will be ready.

4 nights left and it's all hands on deck to help sort everything out for delivery on the 24th. Mrs Claus is providing food and drink for everyone

5 nights left and we're all very excited but still very busy. I've had so many letters to read over the last month that I think I need new glasses!

On this 6th night the weather seems to be changing, the snow has stopped falling and the sun is shining which will melt some of the ice.

7 nights left and still the elves and I are busy making toys for everyone, but we are sure everything will be ready for the big night. Ho Ho

8 nights to go and I have made good progress on planning my route, I just hope the weather gets better soon otherwise it will be fun. Ho Ho

On this 9th night I have started to plot the route I will be taking to visit you all on Christmas Eve, I am getting very excited. Ho Ho Ho
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