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Roberto Bonini

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You know I rather like the new Google + design.

One suggestion- on ultra large screens > 1600px could we please have a double column stream? Second one would have to be customizable, I know. There's loads of empty screen real estate otherwise.

Pretty Pretty Please Google + team?

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Roberto Bonini

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Lightroom 4 or upgrade to CS5.5? Or both?
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CS5.5? Is that like a freebie upgrade? If not, then depends on the price. ;-)
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Roberto Bonini

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Yeah!! I've been waiting for a while for this.
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wht do u want?
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Roberto Bonini

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In Audible hell.... Charlie Wilsons' War or Inside The Plex? Can't decide..... Suggestions?
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I'm a Computer Science Student at the University of the West of Scotland . I have Just graduated with Honors. I enjoy programming and problem solving. I work with Visual Studio 2010, and use Netbeans for my Java work. I mainly program in C# and have experiance in VB.
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