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DevFest Berlin
Bring Developers together for a perfect weekend on 13th and 14th of October 2012 (at c-base, Berlin)
Bring Developers together for a perfect weekend on 13th and 14th of October 2012 (at c-base, Berlin)

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The Google Places API challenge has been extended until 30th of November. If you joined the DevFest & V Hack Andoid Berlin Hackathon Sunday, hacked for GPAC and didn't register your event for the GPAC yet, please do so. And don't forget to tell +V Hack Android Berlin as soon as you did to make sure you use your additional chance to win a Nexus 7 for the local GPAC Berlin.

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//via +Gerwin Sturm 
One of the results of +DevFest Berlin  ;)
#gdg  #devfest #androidV
[Hangout Toolbox] - We welcome Comment Tracker
by +Moritz Tolxdorff.

I am proud to announce that we got another developer on board to provide another great app to our Hangout Toolbox. The Google Developer Expert +Gerwin Sturm from Vienna, Austria, agreed to incorperate with us to build Hangout Comment Tracker into our toolbox. After some changes to the code we could easily integrate his app into the toolbox. This is a really great addition and will help a lot of users doing Hangouts on Air to have all tools handy when they need them. All apps can be run at the same time and accessed by a streamlined interface.

What does Comment Tracker do?
Comment Tracker allows you to aggregate comments from various sources (Google+ including re-shares, YouTube, Twitter) and display them within the app. The comment stream is updating live and you can display single comments as an overlay on your video.

More information can be found on our Google+ Page +Hangout Toolbox or on our project page on github:

If you want to support the development of the Toolbox or other Hangout apps please donate:

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+V Hack Android Berlin 2012 is history now but we'll surely remember this great Hackathon. And we also should keep in mind that without our sponsors the Berlin and the global +V Hack Android Hackathon wouldn't have been/wouldn't be possible.

+ALCATEL ONE TOUCH +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH D  sponsored +V Hack Android on global silver level. The Berlin Hackathon winners were really happy with their prices, several cool 7" ICS Tablets and different phones from +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH D +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH. A big thanks goes out to +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH D +ALCATEL ONE TOUCH.

+Sony Xperia +Sony Xperia ™ - Sony Mobiles also sponsored +V Hack Android on global silver level. The global +V Hack Android  Hackathon in London surely wouldn't be possible without the support from +Sony Xperia +Sony Xperia ™ - Sony Mobiles. We have to say thanks for that. 

We'll keep our fingers crossed that +V Hack Android Berlin winners bring home some more nice prices from the global +V Hack Android Hackathon.

+ImmobilienScout24 was local gold sponsor for +V Hack Android Berlin and supported +DevFest Berlin on platin level. Without +ImmobilienScout24 we would have had problems to finance the +V Hack Android expenses and the winning team wouldn't have got support for their flights to London. Many thanks +ImmobilienScout24 for the support.

+SumUp Deutschland +SumUp was local gold sponsor for +V Hack Android Berlin. Without +SumUp +SumUp Deutschland we would have had real problems to finance the +V Hack Android expenses. Many thanks to +SumUp +SumUp Deutschland for making +V Hack Android  +V Hack Android Berlin possible.

+StartApp was local silver sponsor for +V Hack Android Berlin. Without +StartApp it would have been more difficult to finance the +V Hack Android expenses. Many thanks to +StartApp for making +V Hack Android Berlin +V Hack Android possible and also for the cool giveaways :)

#androidV   #gdg   #devfest #berlin

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A really impressive session!
#gdg   #devfest     #berlin     #androidV
As well as my UI talk at +DevFest Berlin , +Marie Schweiz & I stepped in to fill a hole in the schedule and did an impromptu *Live App Redesign*.  You can see how we did in 25mins below and the final result here:

If you like that then check out Android Design in Action:


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Thanks Nick! There were several people who hoped you would share the slides. 

#gdg #devfest   #berlin    #androidV
My talk from +DevFest Berlin on Creating Modern Android UIs is now online.

You can also see the slides here:

#androiddev   #androiddesign  

A big THANKS goes out to all the +DevFest Berlin sponsors.

+ImmobilienScout24 was our platin sponsor, also sponsored +V Hack Android Berlin as local gold sponsor and additionally provided the event with a lot of nice giveaways. Two speakers (+Hasan Hosgel, +Benjamin Weiss) who also helped to organize +DevFest Berlin work at +ImmobilienScout24 and had support from +ImmobilienScout24 to help making +DevFest Berlin a success.

+ProfitBricks PB was gold sponsor for DevFest Berlin and made the live easier for us. Sending +Yan Minagawa as speaker was cool and having him as moderator for +DevFest Berlin was a big help. Thanks, +ProfitBricks PB and +Yan Minagawa. bei Google+ was silver sponsor for our DevFest. The nice giveaways bei Google+ brought found their friends fast and the sponsoring was really appreciated. Thank you, bei Google+.

+amiando also supported +DevFest Berlin  with a special conditions for using their platform. Thanks for that!

Last but not least: without the generous support of +Google, +Google Developers and the people behind it, especially +Uttam Tripathi, +Phoebe Peronto and +Van Riper the combined  +DevFest Berlin +V Hack Android Berlin wouldn't have been possible. Many thanks, +Google +Google Developers!

#gdg #devfest #androidV #berlin

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This was +DevFest Berlin in a few pictures. Overall 40 people added photos to the event via party mode ( ) which is a sign for a very lively and enjoyable event. As always not everything went perfect but we had a full +c-base spacestation,  great talks and awesome hacking projects.

We received great feedback overall but I hope we can top this next year. Thanks to all the great people who made this possible.

See you next time!

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Interested in GWT, the Java way to program Javascript for the browser? This +DevFest Vienna talk is then made for you!

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Many thanks to everyone who took part in +DevFest Berlin +V Hack Android Berlin and made this developer weekend as great as it was.
The collection of event photos, shared slides and uploaded videos is already impressive. If you still have photos, videos, slides not shared yet, please share them and add them to the g+ event 
#gdg #devfest #androidV

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Many Thx. Looking forward to see the app finished.
I uploaded the slides for my talk about PlayN during the +DevFest Berlin to - The source code is available at - Any feedback heavily appreciated - #devfest #playn
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