been playing bejeweled for like 12 hours yesterday and today.

i don't know how people do it, but i just couldn't figure it out. Normally, my score is 20k or so. One out of 20 games maybe 50k. (currently best score of 155k, but that's once in some hundred games)

i see in my circles top score being 170k and 320k, and i think that's like their normal score. Looking at youtube
Bejeweled Blitz 878,550 Points 'Elite Technique' Legit No Boosts Facebook

that's 878k score. Jesus.

on the other hand, been playing Diamond Dash for the past week. That one i easily mastered. Currently got top score at 358k and is the weekly champion.

Diamond Dash is fun but rather brainless. The key to score high is simply speed. That's pretty much all.

Bejeweled is a bit complex. As far as i know currently, half of it is speed, but the other half is making optimal moves. (you need to keep getting the multiplier jewels, and for that to happen, you need to get power jewels, and for that to happen you need to align 4 or more jewels in one shot)

i've read some tips online. The key to score high are of 2 things: get the multiplier, and make each move in fraction of a second.

this seem incredible task. For each move, if there's no time limit, i could spend several minutes. (the whole game ends in 1 minute) I find it impossible to find the optimal move at the required speed.

I am guessing, that bejewel experts are not persons with machine-like lighting speed analytic mind. But rather, the mind naturally picks up patterns for optimal move, after repeated exposure. (e.g. thousands of games) I think, similar to the board game wei-chi (surround chess).

am writing this cuz am pissed i wasn't able to raise my playing skill even after 2 days continuous play.

any bejeweled player here? advise?

perm url with updates
〈Bejeweled Blitz Strategy as Math〉
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