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... doing things in code since 11110110001.
... doing things in code since 11110110001.

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Thank you for the invitation +Coyote Prophet; truly appreciated. George Carlin is one of my all time favourites ...a true legend. (:

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Absolutely adorable. (:
Three little girls react to a kiss at a wedding! :)
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First things first.... I am TOTALLY lost on here - lol.
These changes are insane. :::pulling hair out:::

Anyone know of a good tutorial that I could read/watch regarding the new changes?


Hellllllloooooo my fellow G+'ers. It is good to be back.  (:

My, my, my have things changed here on G+, "WOW!". The new changes will take some getting use to and I'm sure it'll be a learning curve, however, I am ready for the challenge. 

After a few life events, I am finally back in the groove of things. I thank each and every one of you that have sent me a messages and e-mails; they were all greatly appreciated.  If I have accidentally missed returning your message, it was not intentional; and you have my apologies. 

Again, I thank you and it's good to be back. Have an amazing day! (:


"I know Japanese food is like Chinese food, and the only reason I know this is because my one Korean friend told me this.". - Zach (Hells Kitchen)

Hahaha... and to think I thought it was bad when he called Bok Choy, "Bok Chewy". Woooooow, what a great episode. I cannot help but laugh at this silly man. :-D


I don't even know where to begin (as I walk around my own property trying to figure out what to take care of first)... feeling overwhelmed by all the destruction around me. And to think... we were lucky (our home is still standing). sigh :/

I'll start off by thanking all the volunteers, the people that have donated (no matter the donation). Also thank you to all the countless people that I cannot think of at the moment that have aided the people effected by these horrific events. Your selfless efforts are so greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Last light I finally got the nerve up to drive around my community and some further east.. sadly, it's hardly recognisable - it looks like a war zone. So many roads are still on lockdown, homes tossed like feathers, HUGE trees that look like splinters, personal belongings scattered as though they were sneezed out, the shear number of people rummaging through unimaginable rubble is unreal.... etc. It's like a bad dream.

I'm not trying to be selfish or uncaring however, many communities have been forgotten after the aftermath of Moore (trust me, after driving around it is apparent). It's saddening really. So many more people need help, not just the city of Moore. Granted the Moore Tornado was much more substantial (in many ways) however, others were effected by that same tornado in addition to the previous tornado on Sunday (19 May); which sadly people lost lives and/or some lost homes as well. More than anything I'm pissed at the media. That's right the "MEDIA".

Before anyone gets pissed off - I'm just ranting and cannot wrap my brain around all of this... I say all of this with a heavy heart and with much sympathy for each and every individual effected by the recent tornados. It's all just a sad sad situation. 

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I'm safe via the American Red Cross Tornado app

We are safe. Thank you all for your texts, e-mail's, messages and fone calls; truly appreciated. And, thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers; they are greatly appreciated.

On Sunday 19 May, we were hit by a tornado... I cannot reiterate how important a tornado shelter is. If it weren't for our shelter we would have literally been sucked into the tornado.

Out of respect of our friends and neighbors that lost their lives, homes and/or property I will only post fotos of or damage (later). Again, a BIG thank you to those checking in on us. 

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Yaaaaaaay! "Congratulations", Thunder.
:: doing a happy dance :::

#community #okcthunder #wearethunder #ThunderUp #nbaplayoffs +Oklahoma City Thunder +Oklahoma City Thunder FanPage 

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