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Susan Cox
A curator of gratitude, I am grateful to be a catalyst for change in my work and in my life
A curator of gratitude, I am grateful to be a catalyst for change in my work and in my life

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It would be different if the millions using this program had another choice....private insurance providers are UNaffordable

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yes funny....just funny
"Well, this is funny. This is funny. I think there's a funny side to everything, no matter how horrible it might be. I think bars are funny. I think pogo sticks are funny. I think pullovers are funny. But not as funny as cardigans."

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Ahhh one of the wisest people I know is the playmeister of our globe...yup globe.
read this insighrful post and you,ll see why..

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A small gift of BILLIE...paying it forward

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Deepest wisdom here

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What has transpired here on G+ has changed my lfe...I have met and come to KNOW people across the globe that I carry in my heart
Eternally grateful

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For anyone in the world of connecting with others (ah I believe this every organism in this reality) this post is worth viewing
It is the Meister/Master of play and author of THE PLAYFUL PATH Bernie Amsterdam
Please watch it is short and poignant

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you'll revel in this splendid tapestry of life...sit back and enjoy
In and out of the studio
Daily journey of a fiber artist living in the Southwest 

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Sush a poignant post...please take a many of us are aging at the same time...
Really this is our last play in the grand playground and game of this life time.....
how will we play it...will be be filled with the job that lives inside us, will we resist ...
this is really our choice
It is how we SEE it that counts afterall...we play with others for sure but it is OUR GAME and we came here to play it.....

It was this realization about the persistence of the imagination that first alerted me to its importance, its centrality to everything else. A companion, along with our playfulness, that never quite abandons us until the almost very end.
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