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Storyteller across many mediums.
Storyteller across many mediums.


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My Collections have migrated.
I have migrated a number of my Collections, and their content, to my blog. You can find all the previous posts and follow along to get new ones. These are the Collections I've decided to maintain on my blog (see image). If you were following one or more of these, please join me at my blog as Google+ retires.


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Just a reminder.
If you've made an account with pluspora, you have a free secure end-to-end encrypted chat available to you.(XMPP)

Why it matters Facebook messenger, what's app, and Instagram will be merging their chat. Security on those messeging services are not secure. What's app requires phone number log in for encryption. MeWe requires a phone number for an account and charges for encryption (secret chat). You need both parties to have encryption enabled for it to be secured. The future of Hangouts is uncertain, and has never been encrypted.

How it works: you don't need to go to diaspora/pluspora to use it. You download a different app. You can use Conversations or Jabber. Just sign in using your pluspora ID and password. Find people with their pluspora ID. If they have the chat activated, it works just like Hangouts!

Even if you don't use pluspora anymore, if you've made an account, you can use the chat. We're happy to provide the service, and allow people to keep in touch in a free secure encrypted way with each other as things move on.

FYI, Conversations has group chats also. It's a great app. I use it more than Hangouts now.

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Consumer Google+ will shut down April 2nd, Blogger Google+ Comments feature will be removed by February 4th

This affects both consumer Google+ Profiles and all Google+ Pages. All posts, photos and videos will be removed by April 2nd, so you need download a copy before then. This will affect Google+ Blogger comments as well. A few details:

Google+ Vanity URLs

Google+ vanity URL names will no longer be supported and will be deleted. Any links that use Google+ vanity URLs, including Album Archive, will no longer work. However, G Suite users can still use their Google+ profile’s original URL.

Photos and videos

Your Google+ Photos in Album Archive will be deleted by April 2nd. If they are only available in Google+ Photos from Posts, they will be deleted.

These photos and videos will NOT be deleted:

* Photos and videos uploaded to Google+ before Google Photos launched in 2015

* Photos and videos backed up at any time using older versions of Google+ mobile apps (from 2015 or earlier)

* Photos and videos that were associated with Google+ Events


Community owners and moderators may download and save data for their Google+ Communities. Currently, this downloaded data only includes links to community posts. Starting early March 2019, you will also be able to download additional details from public communities, including author, body, and photos for every community post.

* Communities that don't have an owner with a G Suite account will be deleted

* Any posts made by consumer users will be deleted

Google+ Pages and Brand Accounts and YouTube channels

Google+ Pages will be deleted along with the rest of Google+

The associated brand accounts will continue to exist without Google+, so you can continue to use them with other Google products such as YouTube channels.

Blogger Google+ Comments

Blogger and other sites may use Google+ for their commenting system. Comments on blogs may also exist as posts or comments on Google+. This feature will be removed from Blogger by Feb 4th and other sites by March 7th. All your Google+ comments on all sites will be deleted starting April 2, 2019.

Timeline of changes with info for G Suite customers:

Frequently asked questions:

Download your Google+ data:

Blog post announcement
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From the newer place:

If I just added you tonight, or re-added you even (if it shows that, I’m not sure), it’s because I’m busy doing one of the following:

+ adding more #Pluspora #writers to my Writers aspect
+ moving folks from my Acquaintances aspect to Writers aspect (folks who follow me get an auto-dump into my Acquaintances)

So if you’re a #writer #amwriting person and I haven’t followed you, come at me in the comments.

I’m gonna try and get a lot of us writers together as
a community and maybe do some cool things here in the Pluspora-sphere. I’ve got ideas 😉.

Feel free to share this post around and tag other writers in the comments, let’s congregate ALL THE WRITERS.



I'm disabling comments, please comment at the original post. It'll make following easier; plus following here is only temporary. Tear.
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I'm going to Hi5. Who's with me?
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A Google Plus Creature
Google Plus shutting down in April 2019

I've been wondering how to recap my seven years on Google plus, so here I am:

No recap
No regrets
No mentions

My short story.

In 1990 I was standing in a long queue holding a coupon to be able to get milk for my one-year-old daughter. The shop was completely empty and dark as 100% of the shops at that time in my country. 100 people were waiting together with me at 4 am in the morning. Beside me on the same queue was the father of another one-year-old.

In 2018 I crossed the ocean and was a guest in the US house of this family, I once got to know on the queue at 4 am in the morning. The one-year-old is teaching medieval history in the University now. Her soul mate ( my daughter) is finishing her masters in University.

What's this story has to do with Google Plus?

Nothing. It's like the life-affirming stories of many other awesome people who made the Global Google Plus Community and became part of a mind-transforming online culture.

Everything. It can't become a shared experience any longer by anybody else never ever, at least not in the Google Plus way we know.

Google Plus was not measured by books written, exhibitions and events organized not even by the number of followers ( even some of us were deluded how those mattered).

Google Plus is the live experience online, the unique web navigation mastery of discovery and reinventing what we care about and ourselves in the first place.

"And life still goes on!"

Find me across networks by the same name. It's who I am continuing to be - a Google Plus Creature. I'm GSuite +Nina Trankova


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Heads up Google. The site is pretty broken right now.

Has anyone considered Disqus Channels for community replacements?
If you login to Disqus at, you are presented with a social network like version of Disqus. All the users, websites, and Channels you follow can be found here. Channels function like communities (to an extent).
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Guys, remember this: You have a dick. That doesn't mean you have to act like it.
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via +Sarah Rios

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There are a number of things that +Lauren Weinstein and I don't agree on. If you know me, you probably know that I'm not exactly agreeable. But listen, Lauren pretty much hits this one out of the park, slam dunks it - [insert sports-themed idiom for "striking the nail on the head" - okay - I'll stop.]

Below, I've pulled the paragraphs from his blog post that I think really sum up how Google is fucking themselves in the face with masonry in how they are handling the G+ shut down. But don't just read the clip I pulled - give the whole article a read.

One thing I disagree with LW on - I'm less optimistic GOOG's gonna turn this fail festival around. Like - I don't think they're going to turn around their fuckups with G+ and I don't think they are ever going to shine as bright as they did a decade ago.

Back when I was loving Gmail and Sheets and Forms and oh how I loved Sites as a corporate wiki platform and Google+ and Hangouts and Android and my Nexus 7 2013 and Chromebooks and URL shortener (gonna ride that ship to the bottom of the Internet ocean) and Voice and Google Notebook and Google News and I even loved Google Health and actually used it even though it was ahead of its time and couldn't get my doctors to use it.

There is so much mourning in my life because of all the Google products killed. I've shed more tears over murdered Google products than when my own father died.

I used to be an enthusiastic lover singing the GOOG's praise to all my friends and family. All these years later, I'm just a brow beaten other and my people look at me wondering why I stick with such an asshole. GOOG doesn't beat me or anything. It's just that GOOG obviously isn't that into me and totally takes me for granted. Uses me even but only when the GOOG wants it. We don't have a relationship anymore.

I don't think they can ever reignite that spark we once had. And I still enjoy my time with G Suite apps (traded Docs for markdown editors but otherwise, loving Sheets, Sites, Keep, G+, Photos, Drive, Play Music & Movies/Shows, Pixel 2 XL and Android Pie, Hangouts - hard to quit you bo, Chrome, - we were good for each other, oh fuck me - I may never be able to leave the GOOG - we just have too much history together. It's like a home town I'll never be able to escape.)

But I'll never invest my time in a new GOOG product. I knew it was over when Duo and Allo came out - I just said no. Pixelbooks - nope. (Okay - in a moment of weakness, we accidently did it again with Google Home minis - but that was just a one time thing. I mean, 4 different times but I'm not doing it again. I'm gonna be strong - even though I almost purchased Google Wifi for that MESH magic - I stopped myself)

I knew ever since I was fucked with a boot looping Nexus 6P a few days out of warranty that Google was sliding into decline in a way so unlike Microsoft's slump. (See - as MS started its death spiral, it already had a lock on the desktop and in the enterprise - even though they failed to and still do fail to naturally grok the web and the browser based universe, prior to the normalization of the Internet, Microsoft absolutely understood building a platform and cultivating communities of users and customer loyalty - to a fault in my opinion - with their ridiculously long-windowed backwards compatibility in Office Suite et cetera.)

I just can't trust Google anymore. And I used to champion Google - especially G Suite and Chrome in every IT department I ran and every business I worked with.

But I just don't care anymore. They've used up all my love and don't care about me. I've even went back to using Outlook (it still feels dirty, but it's just not worth the effort to use Gmail as the mail client for our Office 365 work email.)

Believe it or not, I actually used Excel yesterday. It was bloated and slow and clunky and stupid - but I told myself this is the world I have to get used to. Google's not going to be there for me - I can't trust them. I have to learn to do without them. So, I'm trying to be brave. I'm trying to be strong. One day at a time. That's what I keep telling myself. People tell me that it'll get easier. But I'm not sure.

Anyway - enough of this logorrhea shitshow rambling - dig what LW has to say - he'll make more sense:

Google knows that as time goes on their traditional advertising revenue model will become decreasingly effective. This is obviously one reason why they’ve been pivoting toward paid service models aimed at businesses and other organizations. That doesn’t just include G Suite, but great products like their AI offerings, Google Cloud, and more.

But no matter how technically advanced those products, there’s a fundamental question that any potential paying user of them must ask themselves. Can I depend on these services still being available a year from now? Or in five years? How do I know that Google won’t treat business users the same ways as they’ve treated their consumer users?

In fact, sadly, I hear this all the time now. Users tell me that they had been planning to move their business services to Google, but after what they’ve seen happening on the consumer side they just don’t trust Google to be a reliable partner going forward.

And I can’t blame folks for feeling this way. As the old saying goes, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

The increasingly shabby way that Google treats consumer users in the respects that I’ve been discussing here has real world impacts on how potential business users view Google. The fact that Google has been continuing to pull the rug out from under their most loyal consumer users has not been lost on business observers, who know that even though Google’s services are usually technically superior, that fact alone is not enough to trust Google with your business operations.

Google works quite hard it seems to avoid thinking much about these negative impacts. That’s part of the reasons, I believe, why Google fights so hard against filling commonly accepted roles that so many firms have found to be so incredibly useful, such as ombudspersons, ethics officers, and user advocates.

In some ways, Google management still behaves as if Google was still a bunch of PCs stacked up in a garage. They still have not really taken responsibility for their important place in the world.

Personally, I still believe that Google can turn around this situation for the better. However, I am forced to admit that to date, I do not see significant signs of their being willing to take the significant steps and to make the serious changes necessary for this to occur.
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