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Weasel-Dick Wednesday:<br /> "Wanna Suck?"
Trump's inspiration : Quite a moment at the end of this great Alex Jones profile in DER SPIEGEL — Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) February 28, 2017 What is the matter w/ you sick fucks? Am I the only (relatively) s...

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Tuesday Twitter Turkey
Watching this speech is a real argument for not losing elections — Dan Pfeiffer (@danpfeiffer) March 1, 2017 Real argument for not missing when you're assassinating someone, too. Note that this loud-mouthed whore Dan Pfeiffer became a big muckety-muck in th...

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This Date In The Past
What a world: All shit & pain, now & forever. Local Action : One Of The Most Violent Police Shootouts In Modern American History Happened In L.A. 20 Years Ago And: Xians are doing some bullshit in reference to their pig-on-a-stick god's phony death. Also: T...

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Today In Accepting Personal Responsibility & Accountability
Trump won’t accept responsibility for deadly SEAL raid he approved over dinner, blames Obama “Well, this was a mission that was started before I got here.” Trump was asked about Owens’ comments during a Fox & Friends interview that aired Tuesday morning. He...

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In Which The Toilet Bowl Is Circled
So-called Senator Ted Cruz is going down down down down down! Suck it, loser!

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Quote Of The Day
His comments since Inauguration Day have disintegrated into a pettiness unbefitting a man of Bill Kristol’s intellectual heft and influence. Intellectual heft & influence? Assumption not backed by any evidence. Who the fuck are you trying to kid ?

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What Have They Done To The Earth?
I'm just sorry I won't be alive (albeit choking while stewing in your filthy wastes) to give you greedy fucking morons the "I told you the fuck as much" speech . “Rich western countries are now siphoning up the planet’s resources and destroying its ecosyste...

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The Party Of Intestinal Fortitude: Can't Take A Question Or A Joke
Bwok Bwok Bwok! Grand new logo for rancid old party . Sissy Republicans like Little Marco & Tiny Trump live in fear of the American people & their representatives. Marc Caputo /  Politico : Rubio on skipping town halls: Activists will ‘heckle and scream at ...

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Today In Calumny
Make America Ancient Rome Again ! Speaking today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), actor Robert Davi called for the passage of laws that would jail reporters for spreading false information about “the very best of our American heroes,”...

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Fake Headline
Say no more, it's a Wall Street Journal opinion piece. Fortunately, only subscribers can read it . The Media Do Battle With a Pragmatic New President Trump talked policy in his Florida rally, but journalists thought it was about them. Nothing says "pragmati...
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