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Collaborate on notes in Google Keep

Nice feature addition.
I've been wanting to love Google Keep for a long time now, but one of the main things holding it back has been the lack of sharing (what good is it to be able to keep a grocery list, for example, if you can't share it as editable with your spouse, or significant other).

Looks like that's beginning to change!...

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Change the home, change the world

Yep. It's that simple.

#culture #influence #parenting #tf

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Nonprofits: Improve mobile engagement with these 5 steps

The most important shifts in nonprofit communications in the next five years will center around mobile technology. Let’s consider the facts:

- 58 percent of all American adults now own a smart phone.
- 79 percent of smartphone owners also use their devices to shop.
- 30 percent of consumers now read their email exclusively on mobile devices. 
- The percentage of donations made from mobile devices in the last year has grown 205 percent. 

These are just a few of dozens of statistics that indicate how important it is for nonprofits to start paying attention to mobile.

However, I’m surprised by the number of nonprofit organizations that are missing out on some simple ways improve their communication strategy for the mobile revolution. 

Read my latest post on +Pursuant's blog:

 Go directly to the +SlideShare presentation I made with +Haiku Deck:

How are you shifting your communications and engagement strategy for a mobile support and donor base?

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Insight into your future

"The future belongs to those that care and those that believe."

— Seth Godin

#life   #future   #success   #leadership  

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If you need me, send a smoke signal

If we lose the ability to influence others through verbal and non-verbal ques, we will have lost something that can never be replaced by something in our pocket, on our desk, or in our briefcases and messenger bags. In fact, we’ll lose something so critical to business and success that we’ll be crippled forever as a result: the human connection.

Read my latest post on +LinkedIn

How do you balance technology with the demands of the professional life?

Image Source:

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Create a Chromebook-like experience on your Mac

I really want the Chromebook to work for me, but it just doesn't fulfill my professional needs. (That's OK. It's not meant to be everything to everybody.)

But I do love its simplicity. And the Chrome App Launcher ( means I can have some "Chromebook goodness" even on my Mac.

Read how:

Have you tried the Chrome App Launcher yet on your Mac?

#chromebook   #mac   #productivity   #technology   #chromemylife   #t  

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How to know you're living a life of significance and meaning

"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing."

—Benjamin Franklin

#legacy   #significance   #leadership  

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[In The News] Read my interview about nonprofit technology trends

I was honored to be part of +Software Advice's annual Fundraising Software and Donor Buyer Research Project. Bottom line: Nonprofits have a lot to gain from incorporating technology into how they engage and build relationships with supporters and donors.

Read the interview and download the report:

What role does technology play in donor management?

#nonprofits   #research   #technology   #tl  

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Hint: What NOT to do when traveling

I laughed so hard I cried.

Video Link:

#travelhumor #hotels #tf
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