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Time for the age old question. Thoughts on train pants? I'm in the market for some new ones. Anybody have a recommendation for a pair that will last? 

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20 Pictures Of A Lion, Tiger, And Bear Who Love Each Other Despite Their Differences

Anyone know of a website that gives information on cyclist accidents? Perhaps for the Portland area in particular? I rode past some paramedics working on someone yesterday and was hoping to find more information about it. 

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Yin and Yang? 
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Got my bike back from the shop. Yay! Of course now the chain is slipping a lot. Any wrenches out there want to give me a blind diagnosis? 

No bike for a while (in the shop). Now what do I do? 

Is it an unnatural reaction to veer into traffic when you hear an engine Rev up to pass when traveling on a heavy cycle route? Grrrr

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Had to take a little detour due to a train but still made it to work on time.
Check out my 13.2 mi Ride on Strava:
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