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Dale Merrill
Rocker, Roller.
Rocker, Roller.

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HWY! Demo
     For ages now, weirdos and artsy types have warned, flirted or embraced the idea of a dystopian world.      A world where vegetation has been taken over by slabs of cold granite and the only non-monochromatic colors is the flickering of neon advertising...

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     How does something give the impression that it is tight and locked in as it can be also seem like it could explode and have parts fly off into a zillion direction at any given second?      Perhaps that is a question that KCMO's Warm Bodies could answer...

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     If there's such a thing as Spaghetti Twang, the band that would get a lot of the credit for making it happen would me Miss Chain & the Broken Heels.      To pinpoint when exactly these Italians mastered such a sound I am not sure of but when on their f...

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German Hobo Malt Liquor (Dark Horse Brewing Co. & Old Nation Brewing Co. Collaboration)
     In my younger days, I drank more than my share of malt liquor. It was a budget thing. It definitely wasn't at all about classy or fancy. It was cheap and it did the trick I was looking for pretty quickly. Sure, my palate is (hopefully) much more refine...

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LOST SYSTEM No Meaning No Culture 7inch EP
     Dystopian. It seems I've been using that word in conversation more than ever before recently. It's not like the world has ever been a perfect place but after the presidential election, the word is being used much more often by many people.      It also...

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ERIK NERVOUS Teen Distortion Art Junk Music 7inch
     It seems that most of the punk rock teenagers of today are afraid to get all weird. Who knows what their afraid of. Maybe it's because punk rock is so normal now that teenagers can have conversations with their grandparents about the time they Clash op...

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MANATEEES Superman Dam Fool LP
     It has not been confirmed that Memphis Tn.'s Manateees bathe in Sasquatch's blood. Nor is their substantiated that they brush their teeth with gasoline either. None the less, both stories are quite believable.        One huge glop of bare-bones punk ro...

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Smashin' Transistors Classic Interview: Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones
(Editors note: It's been a quite awhile since Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones have played in these parts. They're coming around to play the SchwonkSoundStead in Port Huron March 23rd though . This interview dates a even couple years before that. It originally appe...

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T-TOPS Face Of Depression 7inch EP
     You'd figure with the band's name and the cover of this 7inch featuring a Trans Am with a T-Top roof, that you might be getting some tank top wearing, porn star mustache sporting, pin doobie rolling, burning rubber down mainstreet and cranking up the F...

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Smashin' Podsistorcast: It Took a Long Time to Turn 18
       The Smashin' Transistors fake radio show has returned! The exile was first imposed by a dying machine. Then it came a bit by choice to reconnect with the real world.      Hear the latest from the Sueves, David Nance, the Kool 100s, the Bad Noids, Rik...
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