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World Backup Day
World Backup Day is March 31st!
World Backup Day is March 31st!

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Did you backup today? Here is a badge for you to show your friends!


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A little +World Backup Day advice to share with your friends!

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A World Backup Day checklist

Here is a simple checklist to protect your data:

1. Find data that needs to be backed up.
    * Identify data backup procedures.
    * Explore both hardware and software backup solutions.
2. Implement data backup procedures.
    * Save your backups in different physical locations.
3. Automate data backup workflow.
4. Backup procedures should be automatically working to archive your data continuously.
5. Check data restores to confirm they’re working properly!

It’s important to test data recovery procedures to ensure everything works. You’ll be in good company. Google and Netflix regularly take down parts of their network to test reliability and resiliency of their network and data storage.


» Now that you have a checklist, why not take the pledge on and backup your data now.

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World Backup Day is March 31st
Take the pledge now and tell your friends about World Backup Day on March 31st!

(Yes, you should also test your recovery procedures as well!)

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World Backup Day is today!
It's March 31st and that means it's +World Backup Day!
Did you backup today? Then let your friends know by sharing this achievement badge!

Also, visit to play the World Backup Day game!

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Coming soon...

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On the Go!
Check it out! We just uploaded the mobile site for +World Backup Day . Let us know how it works for you. :)

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I love that brand new smell!
We have a brand new website for #WorldBackupDay! Let us know what you think.

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Check it out! #WorldBackupDay is in 145 days!

But don't be a fool. Backup your data. Don't wait until disaster strikes!
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