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Update 01-09-15
We lost Morgan in November. Our power was out for about 36 hours, give or take, and while that only mildly annoyed Lilly, it was deadly for poor Morgan. My guess is that it was either due to her age (we don't know exactly how old she was, just had an educat...

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Falkor Update
Falkor on the way to the vet Took Falkor to the vet last week. He had a general wellness exam and had a fecal done. Aside from being VERY skinny (he only weighed 185 grams) and having a MASSIVE infestation of pinworms, he was healthy. He just had his last d...

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New rescue, calling him Falkor.  He was found in some guys backyard by his dog (who luckily was afraid to touch it so he just barked at it). The guy said he tried to find his owner, but couldn't. He couldn't keep the dragon either, so I picked him up earlie...
Vyrago's Journal: Falkor
Vyrago's Journal: Falkor

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So many little faces.
Caption The babies are about a month and a half old now. 2 didn't make it. One had digestive issues and one had a run in with a couple crickets that I missed when removing them from the cage after feeding time. I am not going to go into details because it's...

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Baby Dragons, Day 7
All 15 eggs hatched. There were 5 translucent babies. Out of 15. Not bad for genes I didn't know my breeders were het for. 5 hypos, 2 of which are trans, 2 lemons, and a red. 2 HYPERmelanistic babies, one of which is trans. He/she is pretty impressive. I ho...

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Dragon Eggs, Day 81
BUSY hatching day today. Only 2 came out yesterday, but there were 8 more today. Had a fun surprise. I was not aware that ANY of my 3 dragons were het for translucent, but APPARENTLY both Smaug and Tia are. There are 3 translucent babies so far, at least 3 ...

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Dragon Eggs, Day 80
I've been slacking. It got crazy around here the last couple weeks, and I didn't post any updates. But today, you all get the ULTIMATE update. The best update ever. Seriously. So, I was visiting my friend in the hospital today, and talking to her about the ...

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Dragon Eggs, Day 58
I flubbed it. I took the measurements and pictures last night, but forgot to post them. Had an unrelated exciting day, resulting in sushi and a trip to the movies. ANYWAY, Here's this week's stats: Incubator Status: Temperature: 84 degrees fahrenheit Humidi...

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Dragon Eggs, Day 50
Incubator Status: Temperature: 85 degrees fahrenheit Humidity: 47% Humidity was around 70, but I derped and forgot to do the pic before opening the incubator. Again. This Week's (Week 8) Measurements: Last Week's (Week 7) Measurements: Growth Chart:

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Dragon Eggs, Day 46, and Gecko Eggs Round 2, Day 1
Incubator Status: Temperature: 84 degrees fahrenheit Humidity: 84% Dragon eggs are doing well. More wiggling, more defined feet and toes visible. Also, Squeaker popped. The eggs look a LOT healthier this time. They aren't all wrinkled and caved in looking. ...
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