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You can love anyone
I'm sick. Got a cold. Out with the old. In with the new. That's the adage. Between bouts of bed and the toilet I see around me so much stuff that was absolutely necessary at the time. And now I don't know what to do with it. Now I want to travel and run a c...´╗┐

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Social context is the biggest driver for our health - Dr Mark Hyman
Another Marie Forleo interview .... With Mark Hyman, a Functional Medicine doctor. WATCH THE WHOLE LOT, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ARE ONTO YOUR HEALTH ­čĺť Functional Medicine looks at the body as a whole organism, a system, not just at each individual organ, suc...´╗┐

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A local caf
Change of plans. It's a study day. Heavyish snow fall. A day for the birds. For the birds. It was snowing heavyishly. The croissant and coffee at a local caf will have to wait. I do so want one. A local caf.┬á My place to contribute to others accomplishing t...´╗┐

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Can I live on the ground floor of my son's house?┬á How can I get my lakehouse in G├ęrardmer, France? What are my plans for today? (In G├ęrardmer France, not Brisbane Australia) How come I'm only getting a message now that my mobile phone's international trave...´╗┐

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My heart was thumping with fear, I supposed. It was thumping anyway. The thought.... go to London for the last weekend in France.┬á It was beginning to get cold. The north side of Lac G├ęrardmer. The more natural side. You can circuit the whole lake, and even...´╗┐

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Nothing is futile
The truth about your calling with Seth Godin and Marie Forleo.┬á Homewares shop window in Munster, France. Possibly buying stuff instead of doing stuff may be futile. Tip: Be who you want to be in the world. And the actions fall ...´╗┐

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Cash is king.... supposedly
Cash is king in France they say.... on all about France websites. Well I have 35 euros for 19 days left of travel. BNP Paribas & Westpac have halted my flea market & fresh food market samplings. I cannot access my cash despite their supposed alliance. Super...´╗┐

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Beetroot omelette
I am so loving food shopping and cooking in my studio in G├ęrardmer. I have never had a problem cooking for one. I have a problem about cooking for others! All that effort and not even leftovers to freeze for 7 days like when I cook for myself. Cook once, ea...´╗┐

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Pixies by Whippy Cake
This is a screen shot from yet another before and after pixie cut of Whippy Cakes. She is brilliant styling pixie short hair looks using heaps of product. Love it. Follow the link to see her take a woman who happens to have lost a lot of weight and now want...´╗┐

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Chestnut mousse pudding
This is not a trusted recipe. Just sayin'. If in doubt, head to the local SuperU and pick up this starter. This is another thing you would do with some creative home cooking. I really wanted a French favourite, creme de marron de l'Ardeche , but I had not b...´╗┐
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